June 11, 2019

#Paris #Miniature Project 17: More Progress!

We're baaaack!

(Note: There was a glitch where the comment section seemed to disappear but it looks OK now. So don't worry, we're not ignoring you! We appreciate your comments!)

Bonjour Mes Amis!  I am back, finally!  Last week was so busy with homework as I even had to do a five minute video presentation of myself talking about the assignment.  You can well imagine how many retakes I did…LOL, but it is behind me and I even got a perfect score! 

Thank you for your input in narrowing down the colors for the color on top of the stucco.  The color choices are shown in the picture so you can see the green trim color of the shop.  The roof above the window will be copper.  From left to right:  the white blob is the stucco which is really an off-white look. The first color is mocha, then provincial blue (as it has been renamed), and sage. I even asked my 14-year-old son which color he liked best. He did not like mocha, but he was undecided between the provincial blue and sage. So, my dear readers, please choose the color. 

 (My two cents - I do like the sage, but yeah, it is so close to the green anyway... So maybe the Provincial blue will work better? But I admit, I'm not sure of the blue with the green... I'm wondering... maybe a gold-tone would work even better?--Chris)

I got the “tiled” floor done. It really looks old and feels like tiles. I got the DIY from YouTube and of course I cannot find the video again to give credit. I took the wallpaper sheet resembling tiles and lightly sanded it, then used Triple Glaze. When it was dry I scored each row horizontally and vertically. I gently folded each row to expose the crease of each “tile row.” 

(I saw the application in person and the Triple Glaze's thickness and texture reminds me of Diamond Glaze,which I've used on small projects for dimension. The Triple Glaze really does give a nice "thicker" texture. I'll be seeing this in person this week so I'll have a better idea how it looks.--Chris.)

Next, I used black shoe polish over the paper and the black polish got into the scored grooves causing it to look old. I love it!  I also got the ceiling done. It’s plastic tiling that was painted to look like the old copper ceiling. I used a jewelry finding for the circle around the light and the light is from Lisa Hicks at  https://aweebitteeny.com/.

(I have to say, I LOVE the old tile look on the ceiling and floor, and the colors. I have the same shop kit that I may use for my witch's bakery or the Fortune teller's shop and I just may copy this color scheme. I also would like to try out this floor process.--Chris.)

While I was waiting for things to dry, I started a kit from Jane Harrop, (www.janeharrop.co.uk). Her kits are fantastic! This one is a kitchen cabinet kit. I painted it a light sage to match the little cabinet to the right. I still need to complete both add hardware.  (Love the kits! And the colors and pieces are all looking good!--Chris)

This cabinet (without the sink) is from Julie Warren (Little Bits & Pieces). She has lots of videos on YouTube, is on Facebook and has a shop on Etsy. These two pieces will be the part of a small kitchen for a quick bite to eat. The fireplace on the left is the final choice as it has a low profile and looks fantastic with the “wrought iron” screen from Sherry Taylor (Smallsminnimall on Etsy). The unpainted shelf with hooks and book ends is from www.Artofmini.com.  More will be coming soon! Thanks for following along!

Until the next time… Happy Creating!--Gigi

The planning continues for the Paris Miniature Project which is my friend Gigi's  Serendipity Shed renovation for the HBS 2019 Creatin’ Contest. 
(Click photo in left column to go to Day 1 or here - Day 1  - See last entry Day 16.)
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