June 25, 2019

#Paris #Miniature Project 19: Latest Work

Wow, we're on Day 19 of the renovations to the Serendipity Shed!
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Bonjour! Finally, some progress, but it may slow down again as for this week and next week I have overlapping classes so that means double homework…sigh.  I am diligently working on the assignments to allow myself some fun time.

YAY!! The first floor walls and floor are glued together!!!  

I am so excited to have the first floor coming together! Each floor will be its own module and can be set aside as its own “room box" so to speak. So, each floor will have its own floor and ceiling. This will make it easier to transport and to turn the LED lights on and off. Obviously I still have to stucco and paint the outside walls, and put in the windows, but there is progress.

Speaking of the first floor, as I have some mismatched furniture pieces, they are drying with 

the second coat of varnish to match the round table.  So, the first shop is coming together nicely.

As I am hoping to get the second floor module glued together soon, work is continuing on the second floor as well. I finished the door. The door on the inside is a rose matching the wallpaper and on the outside it is bright red color to make it “pop.” I love red and I just had to bring in the color somewhere. I love how the door turned out. (Image 1 doesn't quite show the tone. But that outside red really adds something!--Chris)

Work has begun on the small balconies outside the second floor windows. The windows are in already, but the shutters and trim are just laid out for this picture. I will glue I place once the second floor module is together.  (I am assuming you are making small "boxes" for the balconies?--Chris)

The final picture is of the second floor windows from the inside and the start of the curtains.  The curtains are a silky yellowish gold and have been pleated at on the upper half. The lower half will be tied slightly back, and they will “puddle” on the floor. (I really like the color. The whole thing is looking really good - and I've seen it in person!--Chris)

So, my dear followers, thank you so much for continuing to come back and share your opinions. Please leave comments and any questions you may have. Your input does provide inspiration and ideas!

The planning continues for the Paris Miniature Project which is my friend Gigi's  Serendipity Shed renovation for the HBS 2019 Creatin’ Contest. 
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Until the next time… Happy Creating!