June 07, 2019

Latest Mini Projects for May-June

Gigi has been buried in homework, but more Serendipity Shed posts will be coming soon.

(NOTE: There must be a glitch and I can't find the problem. Gigi couldn't see the comments section and now I can't. let me know if you see where to comment.--Chris)

So in the meantime, I'll share some of my latest projects.

I got a new (used) camera - yay! - so it's easier to 'play' again without dragging out the other camera I use for my work-writing stuff. (Click photos for larger size.)

I have been working on this Greenleaf Half Scale kit for ages, it seems. ha! It sat a while as I dreaded measuring and doing the roof. The house was pre-assembled, which made it a real challenge to work on! But I finally dug in, cut paper templates, and measured the corrugated cardboard which I painted black. I think it gave it a different look. 

What's left: add moss on roof, top window boxes, porch roof fencing, vines and install the LED lights. I have four lights I figured would light each room just enough. Also have to glue in the rail section for the first floor staircase. Then I can hang pictures and decorate, the best part! I'll share more and my picture collection next time. The pictures and books are the 'biggest' addictions, I think. Can't stop making them! So stay tuned!

Also in half scale:
I decided to set up my yard sale scene for fun. Still moving stuff around and working on the inside of the garage. Saw someone do this. Kind of a fun way to put out a lot of stuff just sitting in boxes.

I made a couple of slipper chairs in half scale. I like how these came out.

I also decided to get brave and worked on this Bonnie Lavish fuchsia flower kit. (I'd like to get this red/purple one, too.)  I'm impressed! These really were very easy to make and I love the results. Fun touch is I used some pink glitter paint and it gives the stamens a nice sparkle!  (I also have a much smaller 1/2" scale kit from sdk miniatures. A bit more difficult with more pieces, but I like fuchsias so I may tackle that yet, too.) I'll get a better photo when the plant is "potted."

Garage sale finds: 

I found these cool earrings at a yard sale for $1. I might wear them at Halloween, but I really bought them for one of my Halloween mini projects. ha! You know how that is! They're about 3/4" long.

Hubby also found these cool medieval statues. The smaller ones are 6" tall without the larger base. They'll be great in a museum or even a haunted castle!

What are you working on?????