October 14, 2010

New Story Coming in DAW Steampunk Romance Anthology

Yay! Just got word that my latest story, now renamed, "Kinetic Dreams," has been accepted for a steampunk romance anthology coming from DAW Books...

The new story continues the saga of Alva Edison, "sister" of Thomas Edison, that appears in the first anthology, STEAMPUNK'D, coming out Nov. 2, also from DAW Books.

In the first story, "Edison Kinetic Light and Steam Power," an ailing Alva Edison helps rescue her inventor brother, Thomas, and helps him find the answers to Mr. H. G. Wells's kinetic time traveling flying machine.

In the new story, Alva still marvels about not only finding relief for her crippling arthritis, but being married to her handsome doctor. Her happiness, however, is soon threatened by her brother Thomas's strange claims about traveling through time, even as a future threat draws near. Will she face the unimaginable and help her brother find a solution, or is her family doomed?
I must admit I have really enjoyed writing about the Edisons and I'm thinking of a new storyline for a novella to continue their stories. Maybe that can be my NanoWriMo project once I get the zombie book finished. Hmm...


  1. The Edisons are a fascinating family. Imagine being the inventor of the light bulb and other items essential to a comfortable life.

    Congratulation on your publication of both stories.


  2. Thanks Monti, I did take fictional license of course as I had to relate it steampunk so I gave him an "inventive" sister also.

  3. Congratulations! And I like the title, Kinetic Dreams. Put a science fiction spin and still retain the human side.

    My Darcy Mutates


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