October 24, 2010

Halloween in Miniature 2010 - Day 5: Wizards and Dragons, Oh My!

Clotilde and her pet dragon, "Muffy"

Welcome to Day 5 of The 12 Days of Halloween in Miniature! (If you misplaced your ticket, you can get in the door at Day 1.)

For today, we'll forget the witchy and gorey part of Halloween and turn to the more mystical side of the holiday. Nothing seems more magical and evokes more awe than wizards and dragons, right?

But forget the idea you had of dragons being mean, horrible creatures. (Shades of How to Train Your Dragon anyone?) These magical creatures are actually lambs at heart. (Well some of them...)

The amazing dragon, "Muffy" at top is hand-sculpted of polymer clay by IGMA Artisan and doll maker Lucie Winsky. Lucie, who sculpts many of her own dolls and paints her own miniature oils (I have a copy of her amazing "Starry Night,") is a master at giving a doll character. (She did an incredible series of dolls fashioned after famous painters and paintings. See one of the posts on Goya. Put her name or Art in Miniature in search box in left column here to see others.)

Of course, some wizards are not quite so charming... This guy sure looks like he got out of bed in a bad mood.... (Evil Wizard - Lucie Winsky)

Other wizards, however, are more likely to have a softer side... helps in the magic, so they say.

My wizard prefers his magical dog to a dragon, though. (In case you didn't know, the dogs of this special breed are identified by their golden toenails!) (Dog and wizard, C. Verstraete.)

If I had to pick a favorite dragon, however, it would have to be the baby pet dragon held by Angela Haworth's half-scale wizard, Kapell. Awww!

If you still think otherwise of dragons, check out Carolyn Brown's incredible hanging dragon skin tutorial (and see her amazing cakes too!) You can see the dragon skin hanging in the Medieval castle hall in the top left column in her gallery.

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* Make a clay dragon - tutorial


miniaturista said...

shoubEl mago y el dragón, como resto de mini escenas, están preciosos.
Un abrazo

Notes Along the Way with Mary Montague Sikes said...

Interesting about the dragons. You may inspire me to bring my papier- mache creation from years ago out of my art closet!


Karin F. said...

great post!

Bev Robertson said...

I love wizards and dragons. These are so wonderfully done!!!
Thanks for showing them.
Mini Hugs

Dianne B said...

Wonderful dragon tutorial. Makes me want to try clay again. Thanks

Dianne B said...

Wonderful tutorial! Makes me want to try clay again. I am supposing that you bake the dragon once he or she is made??

Christina Rodriguez said...

Angela's baby dragon is so sweet! Love the contented face on the wizard, too.

Witchkrafting with Kat said...

Wow, thank you for this posting totally cool.