October 25, 2010

Halloween in Miniature 2010 - Day 6: Meet More of the Guests!

Welcome to Day 6 of The 12 Days of Halloween in Miniature! I hope you're enjoying yourself. If you didn't check in, go back to Day 1.

Do you hear that? Such a haunting melody! Let's step into the parlor, shall we? We are so fortunate to have the lovely Louise (above) come in to play a few tunes for us.

This wonderful figure is one of several hand-sculpted porcelain dolls by IGMA Artisan Anna Hardman. Anna, who also makes her own molds from her original one-inch-scale sculpts (1"=1'), came from Russia to the US in 1993 and now teaches middle school in Ohio.

Her Victorian Bride, Livia, won a Doll Of The Year (DOTY) Industry's Choice award in January 2010 and was the DOTY Public Choice Award winner in July 2010. (Be sure to check out her incredible bride dolls, especially the portrait doll of her new sister-in-law!)

(Louise - Anna Hardman)

While this wonderful beauty below is not Halloween-related, the ethereal white skin of Anna's interpretation of Anne Hathaway as The White Queen from Alice in Wonderland does seem to fit here. (Can't you almost picture her as one of Dracula's lovely ladies?)

Well, let's just sit and enjoy the rest of the recital. Please come back tomorrow and see what else is going on...

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  1. How could anyone not like Anna'a dolls? Her dolls are so well done by the talented artist. One day I shall have one of her "little people".
    Mini Hugs


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