October 27, 2010

Halloween in Miniature 2010 - Day 8: Something Sweet

(Halloween table and candies, Megan Conlon)

Welcome to Day 8 of The 12 Days of Halloween in Miniature. (If you missed the party's start, go back to Day 1.)

Mention Halloween and what do you think of? Besides costumes, it has to be the goodies: candy and all things sweet!

As kids, we used to go out for hours and come back with bags of great stuff: candy bars, popcorn balls, etc. The same fun is possible in miniature, letting you fill your sweet tooth without guilt (or extra pounds!)

New Yorker Megan Conlon first became interested in miniatures as a middle school student. She bought some furniture on sale and made rooms with cardboard boxes. While some kids lose interest in their early hobbies, Megan wanted to learn more about miniatures.

"I got my dollhouse in 9th-10th grade for $5 at a garage sale," she says. (See how she decorated the house at her website). "I couldn’t afford dollhouse food so I attempted making some myself, but didn’t try for more accurate pieces until after my freshman year of college. It was during the summer that I was able to create more realistic food with the help of DIY projects from dollhouse magazines. It’s been about nine years since that, and I’ve been working on my craft ever since."

Megan now enjoys creating a variety of miniature food and other items, many of which are now sold under the name, Megan's Minis.

"My favorite foods to create in miniature are desserts; especially cakes and cupcakes," she says. "I’m actually quite good with printies/printables, too. I love working with computers so not only is it easy to scan real boxes and make them mini, but I can also create my own. I enjoy making my own stuff, although I still feel quite new to it all. I’m constantly inspired by real life items and especially by the talent of those who create in miniature."

** And how about this striking candy creation? This black-and-white Nightmare-inspired candy scene is by miniaturist Kate Whittaker.

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** Make some fun candy bar wrappers


Enid Wilson said...

Oh oh the treats! Get them away from me.

My Darcy Mutates

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Oh those are so cute!!!

Aleta said...

Ok, I love Nightmare inspired miniatures. That's just too cute!

Unknown said...

Muy buen trabajo. Los niños estarán felices con tantas golosinas.
Unos imprimibles perfectos.
Besos Clara