October 22, 2010

Halloween in Miniature 2010 - Day 3: The Revolt in the Kitchen

Welcome back to 12 Days of Halloween in Miniature 2010: Day 3. (If you arrived late, enter the party at Day 1.)

Now, as to all that banging and yelling going on in the kitchen... Have you ever seen what the term "bad" vegetables really means? It looks like Pat Benedict of Woopitydooart, has been trying to do some "veggie taming" again... and it just doesn't work!

Revenge of the Veggies... where's that Pepto when you need it?

These wild veggies are just part of an amazing array of creatures that come from Patty's creative mind and hands. She also is known for her one-inch-scale witches (see day 1) and amazing witch brooms with faces (a how-to on her brooms was in the Oct. Issue #90 of American Miniaturist Magazine).

A fan of Halloween in all scales, (her real-life party decorations should be featured in Haunted Homes and Gardens!), Patty began sculpting with bread dough "way back" in the Seventies. "I was a stay at home mom who created a little business while our three children were growing up," she recalls.

Heh,heh, where did those veggies go? (Older castle witch)

"I went back to work in the late '80s as a visual merchandiser (retail window displays) for major shopping mall developers, but I always created dolls (now made from polymer clay) for an extra income."

In 2003, she decided to work full-time on her newfound love, dollhouse size dolls, and. she says, "I've been working ever since trying to perfect the 1:12th size . . . it’s an exciting and fun challenge that keeps me totally involved in my work."

"I have a quirky style and love to create unique Halloween-theme miniature dolls that have a lot of expression and interact with the other miniatures around them. I’m excited about the future and the next challenge I'll meet when I walk up the stairs to my orange Halloween-theme studio in our attic."

Oops, we've been talking so long, I fear we're neglecting our other guests so let's go into the other room, shall we?

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Witchkrafting with Kat said...

I love the bad vegetables ha ha ha!

Enid Wilson said...

They are excellent miniatures! And I like the idea of vegetable witch. I've been thinking of a fantasy story with vegetables featuring in it.

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