October 30, 2010

Halloween in Miniature 2010 - Day 11: Halloween Ideas and Projects

(The Consummate Biblioophile - Joann Swanson)

Welcome to Day 11 of The 12 Days of Halloween In Miniature. (You can go to the beginning of the party here at Day 1.)
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For a change of pace, today I wanted to share some fun projects and ideas I've come across. Feel free to share your ideas or tell us about a project you've made.

* It's great to see the always creative Joann Swanson again sharing her ideas with us! She has two fun tutorials, a Halloween scene (make some mini books and more, see top pic) and an Autumn scene at her new blog.

* Great toy and game boxes from jennifer's printables (Also great boxes and bags - not Halloween but you can put them under a Halloween-decorated tree, right?)

* Halloween potion label printie

* Cool Halloween silhouettes and pictures - Martha Stewart

* Pumpkin centerpiece idea: Just saw Martha's idea on TV - how pretty this would be in mini for a change of pace! I'm going to try it and will are a pic if it works:

Pick a small and larger pumpkin to make a tower. Paint top pumpkin silver; bottom one black. Cut out small green leaves. Glue pumpkins together with leaves sticking out between them. Cover top pumpkin stem completely with colored glitter. Draw or punch out out tiny leaves and glue a few to pumpkins. Add glitter to leaf shapes.

* About.com's Halloween printies. - Halloween cupcake shop printie (and links to witch costume pattern)

* Make a mini Halloween book: (If desired, first spray with matte sealer and coat with water-based varnish - NOTE: color strip before spraying - or print on gloss photo paper.) Print out small covers. Color center strip, or leave strip as flap, cut out one side and glue over flap so front and back meet. Fold and fill with cut paper.

* Make miniature papier mache ornaments. (Easy to shrink down to dollhouse size.)

* Make Halloween kid's books. (These are full-size but can be re-sized; good tutorial.)

* Make a mini Jack 'O Lantern video:

** Looking for a Halloween read? The Killer Valentine Ball - C.A. Verstraete

Jess agrees to go on a blind date (can you say loser?) to a local Valentine Ball, which turns out to be a "killer" party that she'll never forget! * 5 stars -Ghostwriter Reviews "...The details and events were very descriptive, and captured my attention for the short tour down the ghoulish halls. The ending was quite funny."

* Make a (cute!) Halloween spider cake video:


  1. Thanks for all this wonderful links!!.
    I have joined Kat's Halloween party too!! :)

  2. Fun stuff. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Halloween!


  3. I have totally enjoyed all your posts, thank you for joining my Haunted Halloween party. Happy Halloween Kat xxxx

    http://katthehatlady.blogspot.com/ http://katthehatladyhalloweenhouse.blogspot.com/

  4. I watched you create the mini pumpkin. I figured you were going to leave the marble in. You have great dexterity...and patience. Well done! It looks great. Happy Pink Saturday!


  5. loved the pumpkin tutorial! thankyou for sharing with us all x


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