June 01, 2009

Miniature Cigar Box Room

Thought I'd share a neat roombox that hubby found at the local flea market.

This General Store is set inside an old wood cigar box. It looks to be about half scale. It's a fascinating room as most of the items were probably handmade. It's one of those projects that has a lot of detail in a small space and every time you look, you're sure to see something new.

What's neat is that there are some really creative items in here. The hanging lamp was made from a Christmas tree bulb. The wood stove is a wood cylinder that was painted. "Jars" and packages on the shelves were formed with pictures on wood blocks for depth. There are all kinds of little metal doo-dads to simulate those odds and ends you'd find in a general store.

The sad part is that it is signed and was given as a gift in 1992 to a nephew. Obviously the maker Chuck Och of Illinois made quite a few as this one is labeled #119.

I'm not sure why the box ended up in a flea market, but Mr. Och can rest assured that his work lives on and is being enjoyed by myself and others who love miniatures and appreciate the craftsmanship he put into it.

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Katie said...

What a lucky find! Love all the detail in there! Mr. Och would be proud to know that you now have it!!! :)