June 22, 2009

The Latest Flea Market Miniature Finds

I struck miniature gold this weekend at the outdoor flea market. The flea market, which just opened this year, is held on Sundays in the parking lot of the local ski mountain. This weekend it was held Saturday also as part of the first local festival.

We usually get there about 7 a.m. when it opens and walk around the aisles. You never know what you'll find, but I wasn't thinking I'd have much luck this time. Not sure why. So, imagine my surprise when I came upon a table in the back row at the far end and found this clock case scene.

I tried not to drool! A miniaturist I knew years ago had made one of these in a club meeting, so I'm not sure if it's manufactured or not. But the case is nice solid wood, has slots for the glass front and sides, and is 12" h to top outside; 11" w and 3" d. The top has one of those brass/gold lion head drawer pulls on it. The front has a bronze plaque that says Victorian Foyer, Skoog 1979.

The inside back wall lifts out. (It's just matboard covered with green cloth with a piece of baseboard glued on. Neat as I can make a couple other replacement walls and change them with the seasons if I want! Cool!)

All the furnishings were included: two Chrysonbon chairs with pairs of gloves on each, a top hat, cane, table with flower centerpiece and a pewter bowl. There is also a hand-colored rug. (Prettipoint? I forgot the name; I had some of these years ago, you colored them in with markers. Anyone know?)

There are two small fluorescent lights on the inside top lid. Well, someone did a lousy wiring job as the copper tape was put on the outside back. So the electrician (hubby) already took a look. Makes more sense since the wall is removable to tape on the inside back wall, drill a hole, come out the bottom and put the plug there. It came with a small transformer, too. Not that I'm complaining.

Now the best part. I tried not to look shocked when the lady said the price and believe me, I grabbed it and ran. I would've been willing to pay much more. All she said was she wanted it out of the house. (Not a miniatures lover?)

So take a guess how much?

My other find was this tall case with acrylic on the front and sides. It's 14" h and 5 1/2" w. It has acrylic shelves inside and mirror in the back. A bottom drawer is missing but no big deal. I can add a piece of matboard or wood.

It's not really a jewelry box, but I figured it's a good holding place to show minis until they find a room. (Otherwise they're in boxes. What good is that, right?)

As slow as I get rooms done these days, it makes more sense to have cases. I have a shadowbox with food from swaps on the wall and a mirror-backed glass case with three shelves holding most of my mini food swaps. I'll share a pic of that later. It looks neat seeing it all in one place.

And guess how much here, too?

Should I be mean and let you wait until tomorrow?

Thinking. Hmm....

The more amazing price is for the top wood clock case. I'm ecstatic about that one as I always thought they were neat projects. (Ok stalling...)

(Aww, shut up already...) ha!

Do you give up? It's like The Price Is Right! (Except, sorry, I'm not giving them away as prizes.) So if you guessed $1 each you were right! Isn't that absolutely unbelievably incredible???


  1. What fantastic bargains, lucky you..

  2. Woweee,lucky you,they are lovely and deserve an appreciative home.

  3. A dollar each!! Dang!!! Now that's luck!!! LOL...The first one is from 79~ the year I was born;) Too cool!!! Can't wait to see what you do with them!!

  4. Oh wow, what fantastic finds...and at a dollar each....wow that is truly amazing! I went antiquing and flea-marketing yesterday, and I swear I live in a miniature wasteland!!! Nothing to be seen. I can't wait to see what youdo with your finds. Congrats!

  5. I am green with envy..Lucky, lucky you! Next New years resolution - top spending money trawling UK thrift shops and use savings to fly to US to trawl flea markets...
    My main problem though, even if/when I get lucky finds...I just don't get the time to transform them - aargh!


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