June 24, 2009

Living with a Disabled Dog: Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dog Blog Tour

Today, I welcome back author Barbara Techel, who is coming by as part of a multi-stop blog tour for FRANKIE, THE WALK 'N ROLL DOG, a charming book that gives children a glimpse at some of the challenges Frankie and her "mom" Barbara faced when the miniature Dachshund ruptured a disc in her back.

After a fall, Frankie had a 30 percent chance of walking again, but she ultimately lost all feeling in her back legs. By sharing the story of how Frankie continues to "roll on" with her own doggie wheelchair, Barbara wanted to inspire young (and older) readers alike to have hope and find courage in facing their own difficulties.

(Pictured: Frankie wearing her medal after her induction into the Wisconsin Pet Hall of Fame)

With brightly colored illustrations by Wisconsin artist Victoria Kay Lieffring, the book tells about Frankie's life before and after the accident.

While many editors and publishers might want to shy away from talking animal books, who better to tell Frankie's story than Frankie herself? (with, as Barb says, some help from her "human mom.") This approach helps the reader relate to Frankie's story and gives the book a more personal touch. Children, especially, can feel empathy for the real Frankie via her story and learn compassion for the disabled. The illustrations are simple, but serve as a backdrop for the wonderful, big-eyed images of Frankie whose motto is "be positive, and keep on rolling!"

Sure, there are difficulties taking care of a paralyzed dog that many dog owners may not be able to deal with, but Barbara says that living with a disabled dog does have its own blessings.

Top 10 Reasons Why Living with a Disabled Dog Is a Blessing - By Barbara Techel

1. Living with a disabled dog like Frankie helps me appreciate every moment of every day.

2. Living with a disabled dog has given me a new appreciation for patience.

3. Living with a disabled dog makes me smile watching Frankie’s perseverance, and helps me realize I can do anything I set my mind to do.

4. Living with a disabled dog means no cleaning up doggie do-do in the yard. Because Frankie is partially paralyzed I express her bladder and bowels for her, and I do it right on the toilet. :)

5. Living with a disabled dog has connected me with some of the kindest and most compassionate people.

6. Living with a disabled dog is an honor. Being with Frankie and watching her thrive despite her challenges makes me appreciate all the beauty of life that surrounds us each day.

7. Living with a disabled dog reminds me that challenges can get me down, or they can uplift me and help me grow.

8. Living with a disabled dog has taught me to be grateful no matter what.

9. Living with a disabled dog makes me smile every morning when I wake, and eager to start the day.

10. Living with a disabled dog has blessed my life beyond anything I could have ever imagined. My life has been enriched ten-fold because of Frankie, and I thank God for my little dog with tires each and every night before I go to sleep.

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  1. Thank you, Christine for hosting us once again on your blog, and the great review!
    I especially loved your idea of writing the top 10 resonson to living with a disabled dog... I could think of lots more... Frankie is such a blessing!
    Thank you!

    ~Barbara Techel
    Author & proud mom of Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog
    2009 Wisconsin Pet Hall of Fame Companion

  2. What a beautiful story. Such an inspiration. I can see why you love her and are so proud of her. Best of luck to you and to Frankie.



  3. I love little Frankie, a living example of perseverance.

    Morgan Mandel


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