June 19, 2009

Meeting Young Readers at Girl Scout Camp

I had another great meeting with young readers yesterday when I met with a group of Girl Scouts at Camp Alice Chester in E. Troy, Wisconsin.

I first met with girls at the camp last year and was thrilled to be asked back again. The girls, ages 9-11, all enthusiastic readers and a few budding writers, had good questions and insights about mysteries, too.

After talking about writing and publishing, I passed around samples of my miniatures for them to see, like the miniature Starry Night painting and some miniature dollhouse food.

This time I tried something different by reading a short story featuring my characters Sam and Lita from Searching For A Starry Night, A Miniature Art Mystery and had them guess the solution. I also had the chance to sign several books. A fun meeting and I hope to hear some of the girl's opinions and thoughts after they read the book.