June 29, 2009

Kids Create a Miniature Room at the Library

It was fun seeing kids get creative in the class I led Saturday called "Create Your Dream Room in Miniature" at the Schaumburg Township Library in Schaumburg, Ill. (This is one amazing library; check the enchanted forest page. I'll put up my own pix later.)

The miniature room was made in a standard size gift bag and used half scale furniture from the wooden Creatology dollhouse furniture puzzle found at Michael's Arts and Crafts.

We used scrapbook papers for the back wall and floor (or they could use a "wood" print paper.) They painted the two inner side walls. The best part was seeing what the kids came up with. Each student also received a signed copy of Searching For A Starry Night, A Miniature Art Mystery.

Maddy mixed her own colors to create an original floor and wall to accent her avant-garde furnishings. Hey doesn't everyone have a lawn chair in their bathroom to lounge in?

Caitlyn was a future Picasso as she chose to make her own version of modern art, forgoing the standard room setting for a furnished ceiling.

Sarah took the traditional design approach and made a colorful setting that looks ready to move into. She even painted her own window and curtains!

Michael did a great job, as well, making a comfy looking room and bed. He even added his own original painting!

I loved the bright color combinations Claire used to accent the confetti-print paper she chose. I can't wait to see how she finishes it.

Here's the room I did and used for a sample.

The kids did an amazing job and seemed to enjoy it. They have enough furniture to do several rooms, so maybe we'll have some future miniaturists!

The library agreed to display the kids' finished works, so I'm hoping to get more photos when they are brought in.


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely awesome. I would have never thought of this.

And all those smiles, they obviously enjoyed it immensely!


Mary Cunningham said...

These are great, Chris. Looks like a lot of fun was had by all.



ghostposts said...

oh, very nice! god job!!!

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

What a great idea. The kids are so creative and they look like they had a wonderful time.

You're creative too for coming up with the idea.



Margot Justes said...

What a terrific project.
Margot Justes

Anonymous said...

Chris they all did a great job and by the pics they were having fun !!
Can't wait to see more pics !!

MinisOnTheEdge said...

These are Great Chris!!! How cool to get the kids involved like that :)