February 25, 2009

New FAB Blog Award!

Katie from Katie's Clay Corner just awarded me with a pretty FAB new award. Thanks, Katie!

So, the rules are:
I list five addictions and pass this on to five other blogs whose owners then do the same.

I'm addicted to: (in no particular order, well, depending on the day!) chocolate, minis, writing, chocolate, color yellow. (Earth shattering huh? ha!)

Hard to pick just five fab blogs - they're all great! So, hoping I don't repeat what others have done, I pick:

* My friend Kitty at Kitty's Minis who always has fantastic mini ideas!

* Tracy at Minis on the Edge who inspires me with her fantastic clay houses!

* Artist Christina Rodriguez who delights with her wonderful, charming illustrations!

* Author Mary Cunningham at Cynthia's Attic, for her fun books, inspiration and is always helpful!

* Author Katie Hines for coming by, commenting, and her insights!

That's it. Now it's their turn. :>) I also thank you, dear reader, for stopping by, reading, and commenting. This award goes to you, too! Better than the Academy Awards, huh? Take that Kate Winslet. ha!


  1. Sounds like great addictions to me, also great blogspots.

    Morgan Mandel

  2. Didn't I see chocolate twice on that list?!

    Sharon Reece

    P.S. That just reminded me - I'm off to find a chocolate.


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