February 09, 2009

Eye Candy: Preview Miniature Witch's Greenhouse

I've been awfully slow about getting this project close to being done, though I've been making things and working on it forever (or it feels like that. ha!)

This is the bay window shop in the Houseworks Street of Shops set. I love this set and was thrilled to get it one year during Hobby Builder Supply's 50% off sale. Great buy!

The double window shop, is now home to my Teapot Shoppe. You can see it by clicking the link at the Verstraete Miniatures Gallery. The corner shop is going to be my witch's bakery.

Witchy Wallpaper

The first obstacle that prevented me from going any further was the wallpaper. Finally, when I saw this "UGLY" scrapbook paper in the clearance section, I knew I'd found the perfect thing! (Egads, believe it or not, it's supposed to be Christmas holly. More like a Tim Burton Christmas I'd say).

The floor is made of painted egg carton pieces set in tinted spackle. The stones outside are egg carton also. I'm thinking of putting matching rows of stones on the sides, too. See Victoria Miniland for tips on egg carton stones and bricks.

The Table

The fun part was making this table. It's a bit "wonky," but what else would a witch want to work on? (Try saying that fast!) I had to do some figuring as I wanted it to fit in the corner. There'll be shelves full of odd plants above the table and around the room.

A Few Funny Plants

Here are a few "odd" plants I've been making. The red "Poison" plant also has little "googly" eyes. The bone plant is perfect for keeping the dogs content.

The Witch seems to have a knack for, uh, growing extra parts.

I'll try to add some more photos when I get a little further. I also have a wallhanging box I covered in paper clay and will use as a wizard's room. I still have to paint it. Maybe I'll have one of these done by this Halloween. (Maybe).

** Have any special projects you've been working on "forever"?


  1. Love the plants. Looking forward to seeing your project progress.
    Mini Hugs

  2. I'm still amazed at the work you do. So small, perfect and wonderful to look at. I think the only projects I do that seem to take forever are writing projects.

    I Scrabble tagged you today. Don't worry, it's easy.

    Helen Ginger

  3. Hey you! So glad to see that you finally have pictures up! WooWho!!! I like the bakery! Your egg carton floors look great! So glad to finally see what you've been talking about!

  4. Greenhouse Katie. ha! The bakery is still in the planning..

  5. Love, love, love finding witchy people. Love your greenhouse so far.
    I shall check back and see if you manage to find time to get more done.
    If you are anything like me then i reckon it will be a long wait. How do other people get so much done is my question when they seem to have so many houses on the go. I'm struggling with 2.
    Nice holly paper too!
    Nikki x


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