February 26, 2009

Cookbook Challenges in Miniature

This great miniature tart from Stephanie Kilgast of Petit Plat at the The Mini Food Blog is a great example of miniatures imitating life. She made a yummy looking strawberry tart copied from a cookbook picture. (Stephanie also makes the neatest miniature food jewelry).

I had done something similar last summer as part of a challenge with the Miniature Collectors Club with Yahoo Groups. Here, everyone had to duplicate a cookbook picture.

For fun, I thought I'd share those photos again. I duplicated the cover from the Southern Heritage Celebrations Cookbook I found at a yard sale.

Really gets you thinking about warm weather, picnics, summer... ah.

* You can still see the other miniature cookbook challenge entries at Webshots.


  1. Hey - I haven't visited here in a while - LOVE the new look/layout!

  2. Wish I could EAT in miniature!! Might make it a little easier to lose weight.


  3. I actually thought of your cookbook challenge when I was writing about Stephanie's Fruit Tart. Would be possible for you to post the other 3 contestant's photos from your webshots album on the Mini Food Blog? I don't really know the background on each of the entries, or if the artists might care, or else I would have posted them on the blog myself.

  4. They look like something you’d see looking through a kaleidoscope - only more yummy.

    Jane Kennedy Sutton
    Author of The Ride

  5. I love your table and Debbie Macomber. Thank you very much for visiting my blog. To answer your question... the Apothecary book was expensive but once I saw it, I really had to have it! Cheers, Jean

  6. Thanks for coming by Jean. Yeah some books (and other things) you can't just say no too. ha!

    Mary - well, I wish the mini food was the only food I ate too. ha!

    Hey Marv, thanks; I may change it again for spring. ha!

    Sumaiya, thanks, hope you get to put them on Mini Food. They were great (my favorite was the baby one!)

  7. I love this scene and have that very cookbook! How wonderful. Yes, makes me long for summer. I'm officially through with winter though it is not through with us. Today, in Upstate SC, we have sleet which is to turn into snow and be yucky. But then tomorrow, it's to all blow out as if a dream!

    Mini Leaps and Bounds


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