October 11, 2010

Miniatures Monday: Celebrate National Dollhouse & Miniatures Month! Halloween Miniatures

This has to be my absolutely favorite celebration!! Despite doing miniatures for (mumble-mumble) years. (ha! - yes that long!), I haven't tired of working on small things!

For fun, I thought I'd include some new Halloween miniatures I got from a swap with the Yahoo Groups' Half Scale Group. Perfect since I'm working on a half scale Halloween scene (deciding which house to use - it keeps wanting to be bigger since I keep collecting stuff. The original clock case may not be large enough!)

I made a smaller version of a "hand" snack and a small Halloween cake.

A bunch of cakes! You'll never guess what they're made of - small wood furniture plugs that are painted and topped with slick paint, glitter and Halloween confetti, then glued to a small button. It's fun coming up with new color combinations. Now I have to make a bunch more again for my 1/2" bakery.

** And what have you been working on??

1 comment:

  1. The only miniature I ever made was a dollhouse for my daughter, many years ago. Wallpapering those teeny walls was definitely a labor of love.


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