October 10, 2010

Miniature Eye Candy: Mexican Corner Room

Thought I'd share a few older rooms and photos that I haven't shown in awhile. These may be familiar to some readers and new to others.

I made this corner room of foam core board covered with tinted lightweight Spackle. I liked adding the small roof and thought it added something to the room. The floor is mat board, which I painted and cut lines for tiles. Many of the items were from a miniatures group swap. I love the colors! Sometimes a smaller project is fun as you can fit a lot in, but actually get it done. (My problem. ha!) Ole!

* See more of minis at the Verstraete Miniatures Gallery.


  1. Wow you are very talented, Candid. Have you published any non-fiction, teaching kids how to made this kind of crafts? I'm sure it will sell well, especially if you put the pet angle on as well.

    Really Angelic


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