October 07, 2010

Let's Play Killer - Your Own Serial Killer Doll

I first spotted this over on the Lipstick Chronicles blog and thought... huh?

So, it appears that the character from the Dexter show, (drawn from the novel, Darkly Dreaming Dexter) whom Wikipedia describes as "a blood spatter analyst who moonlights as a serial killer" for a police department in case you didn't know, is now a doll - to be precise, a 7-inch action figure.

Gee, what a great gift huh? And he even comes with his own knife...

The show has won acclaim and the novel has drawn praise as well... I did watch a few episodes when it aired briefly on regular TV instead of cable as I wondered what it was all about. Frankly, it made me sick seeing him in his element.

I'm all for freedom of the press and freedom of expression but... I still can't get my mind past this. While some TV cop/murder shows tend to often glorify the crime, making it almost attractive to those who may be sociopathic, this is a guy who tries to do good yet his way of thinking still has him killing... and pleasuring in it.

Yes, brilliant characterization, interesting fictional idea, but... does it go too far? Should killing be "entertainment?" (Yes it often is I know in horror novels; but you expect monsters or "killers" to be creepy, not enjoying themselves like Dexter who still indulges in his 'weakness' as his "secret" while trying to live a normal life on the surface.) The worst was the radio commercial that aired having him talking to his infant daughter; it just seemed too freaky.

And now... an action figure? It's, well, creepy. Yes, creeps don't need anyone to give them ideas, but why glorify it any further? What do you think?


  1. I don't know 'bout all of that, but I love Dexter and I WANT that doll, LOL!! :-P

  2. I saw a poster of him holding a child, with blood on his face/hands. Yuck. Why do people like to watch this kind of tv? I can't understand it at all.

    My Darcy Mutates

  3. I haven't watched Dexter yet...but have taked about watching it. But I kno what your saying..... However, If you think about it....Freddy and Jason are funny/make believe , but things like Dexter can be real, and that's what makes it scary! The real Boogie Man, ya know.

    But I kinda like the doll, and know excatly who I could buy it for for Christmas. So thank's for sharing it with us, lol.

    ...OMG~ The bf tried to get me to watch Human Centipede the other night and I got about 30 minutes into it before I had to stop watching.... Sick! Sick! Movie...

  4. The world is a scary, scary place. And then we wonder why some children grow up amoral and without a conscience. Creepy indeed.

  5. Chris, I'm with you and Enid; a serial killer hero squeams me out in a major way.

    And that's one reason, Chris, that I'm passing you a One Lovely Blog Award!

    Go here: http://www.marianallen.com/2010/10/passing-it-on/ and download the picture, then upload it to your blog and pass it on.

    Marian Allen

  6. I reckon that this figure would be popular amongst the college crowd who'd collect things like this. I collected unlikely "action figures" when I was in art school so I can easily imagine the target audience....

    Katie - I say you make your BF watch something like "The Joy Luck Club" or "Steel Magnolias" to cleanse his palate, so to speak!

  7. I watched a few episodes of Dexter, but I couldn't really get into it, mostly because the supporting cast seemed boring to me. I liked him though.

  8. I agree with those of you who are "creeped" out by this figure. As someone who works with young children, I'm concerned about the message these impressionable little people are getting from our world!



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