October 29, 2010

Halloween in Miniature 2010 - Day 10: Visit the Witch's Cottage!

Welcome to Day 10 of the 12 Days of Halloween in Miniature! (If you missed the beginning, enter here at Day 1.)

When she's not getting in hay or doing other chores on her small South Carolina farm, Jody Raines enjoys creating exquisite flowers and beautiful miniature upholstered furniture. She also creates wonderful miniature paintings. She sells her work under the name, Peach Blossom Hill.

Jody was lucky as she did have a dollhouse as a child and says she's "dabbled" in minis off and on for years. Creating her country-flavored "Witch's Cottage" was truly a labor of love:

"I love Halloween and wanted to make a witch's cottage I could display during the month of October. I used Creative Paperclay for the stonework and wanted it to look sort of like a Hansel and Gretel cottage.

"I made the crooked chimney from layers of foamcore board. The furniture was mainly online purchases, some of it, such as the bed, were older pieces and the potions cabinet and cupboard were Michael's hutches. I made each of the potions bottles and the polymer clay fruits and vegetables."

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** Enjoy a video tour of Jody's Witch's Cottage: (Love the details, the colors and that crooked chimney!)

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  1. Great video of the cottage with scary sound effects!



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