June 23, 2009

Freckleface Strawberry and the Dodgeball Bully by Julianne Moore

It's humor to the rescue as Freckleface Strawberry faces a bully called Windy Pants Patrick.

Acclaimed actress, four-time Academy Award nominee, and picture book author JULIANNE MOORE again teams up with bestselling illustrator LeUyen Pham for their new children's book, FRECKLEFACE STRAWBERRY AND THE DODGEBALL BULLY.

This time, their loveable seven-year-old character encounters a bully during a game of dodgeball. Now Freckleface and her friends must figure out how to stand up to the playground bully who faces them down with the dreaded dodgeball in his hands!

Ms. Moore’s humor and heart made her debut picture book, FRECKLEFACE STRAWBERRY, a charming story inspired by her own childhood experience, a favorite with young readers and critics.

The story's title stems from her own childhood nickname, which she says she disliked as much as her red hair and freckles. “As a child, my hatred of my freckles was only matched by my love of reading,” says the author, who now tolerates her distinctly beautiful coloring and found amusement in telling her own kids about her childhood nickname.

** See the video of Julianne Moore talking about being a writer.

Julianne Moore is the U. S. Ambassador for Save the Children, working with children and families in rural areas, focusing on literacy and early childhood education. She successfully launched the Save the Children Valentine program in 2008 where children’s book illustrators donated art work for cards, with the proceeds benefiting poverty in the United States.

She is also a member of Reach Out and Read, a children’s literacy organization dedicated to educating parents on the importance of reading to their children.

An acclaimed actress, she has appeared in such movies as The Hours, Far from Heaven, The End of the Affair, and Boogie Nights. She now lives with her husband and children in New York City.

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  1. I'll have to pick this one up. I like Julianne Moore, and can appreciate her non-acting efforts for children and reading, but I gotta say it: I'll never forgive her for "Children of Men" or "Blindness." Blech!


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