May 10, 2023

The Witch's Cottage Update: Colors!


A "little" update on the half-scale Jasmine Gothic Victorian Cottage from Laser Dollhouse Designs, or what I am calling The Witch's Cottage. Previous posts: Potion cabinet, some show stuff; Post 1, planning. Some 3D printed items. (And if you want to see some neat projects during May, type in #mayminimakers on Instagram for daily miniature project posts! Come follow me if you're on there!)

Somehow I overlooked mentioning the size of this house previously. It's 10W x 11D x 19H. Ceiling height just over 5" or just big enough. It's actually soon for a post as I didn't get much done, but I can't resist blogging. ha! So the base is assembled and electric taped. The supports are on and.... deciding on colors! (Note: the pieces above aren't in the right spots; it's just to show the colors.)

Funny, as I'm not a big fan of green but I do like these shades. Since this is a botanical witch's cottage, decided it needs "earthy" colors. So: the background walls are wedgewood green; the contrasting tower walls are a slightly lighter celery green; the porch and base background use dark umber brown. The circles use the sage green with dark blue spruce green for the leaves. The flowers are painted a medium yellow from a Target brand paint sample on the base trim. Sigh. It is a-lot-of-painting! 😏

I found a couple papers I like so far: the stucco look for a ceiling or wall and this floral. It's a big print, I know, but I wanted something bold and I like it. I think it'll look good on a partial wall or two. Maybe I'll add brick or wood wainscoting. I'm not necessarily using this fireplace; it's just to compare the print size. 

I also ordered more of the textured brick paper (Starboc2 on Etsy) as I want to do a white or light grey brick in the mansion and a used-brick pattern here. Previously I used a reddish brick from them on the outside of the Fairfield; and a brownish brick on the foundation of my yellow Country Victorian. See house links on the My Dollhouses page link under the top banner. 

This used brick should look nice in this cottage:

I also ordered two of these zebra rugs printed on cotton canvas: 

As it is now spring, outside work and planting are beginning. Did the first mowing as the grass was getting pretty long. (Don't worry there are still plenty of  dandelions as early food for the bees!) We plant in an enclosed area to keep the bunnies out except for the end "hill." The large sunflowers go there and usually - hopefully - get ignored until they're big enough to take away some short fencing. Mexican sunflowers (Tithonia) are in; a favorite! (They are a dark and light orange, like giant daisies.) My giant sunflower patch is planted, too. The annual plant sale is Friday so we'll go pick out flowers and veg plants.

I know, a short post, but wanted to share... something! ha! Back to painting. Ugh!

Thanks for visiting again. Hope to have more substantial updates soon!