May 15, 2023

Witch's Cottage HS Kitchen & Other Stuff


Photo: What are those blobs, you ask? (Click photos for full size.)

Decided to order some 3D printed kitchen items and other accessories for the Witch's Cottage. (See last post: colors.)

It's funny as sometimes when you look at photos, you forget how incredibly small this half-scale stuff can be! It's not until you get it and can see it for yourself, you realize - oh wow!

So I know it's hard to tell but those teensy things on top are actually... beakers in 1/24, 1/2" scale from MiniDecorandMore on Etsy. Here's her shop photo:

haaa! Yes, I do have an idea for these. After all, that  Jasmine Gothic Victorian Cottage is going to be a Witch's Cottage, so she'll need some bottles of strange liquids. So I have some luminescent powder I'm going to experiment with (on something else first of course!) The actual teeny-weeny containers measure 1/4" h for the largest one and 1/8" h for the smallest one.

Some other items I got, which will be much easier to handle. ha! Pitcher, coffee and tea pots, and blender.

Toaster, mugs and coffeemaker

Soup tureen with lid and ladle. 

After all, what's a witch cottage without some mmm! eyeball soup. I also got a cocoa pot for a winter hot cocoa table I want to make. (not shown.)

It's hard to find regular everyday items like these in this scale, so this 3D printing surely has filled a gap. And this stuff is just so darned cute! I usually try to make do or make what I can but some of these things definitely are easier to buy! You'll have a better idea how this stuff looks once I paint and finish it.

Thanks again for visiting! Stay tuned for more updates! Yes, still painting...