August 28, 2019

The Latest: #Miniature Record Store

You remember I was working on a miniature record store in the corner shop of the Houseworks' Street of Shops? (See previous post.)

Well, progress! Kind of....

I fitted it together as I got the outside painted and the windows in - finally. (That was after breaking a couple and scratching one. A HINT: Got a large poster frame with acrylic at Hobby Lobby. Cuts easy. With coupon was $7.) . 

I love the results, especially the pink - fuchsia -  door, but LOTS of painting. That top blank space above the door is going to have a fun accent and I have some more decorative paper to put below the windows.

And then... I couldn't get it to fit right.... ARGGH!!! I painted one of the walls wrong. Turned it on the wrong sidem so I have to repaint it. At least it's only one wall!!! But getting there...

Feel free to share your best goofs. Make me feel better. 😆