August 07, 2019

July-Aug #Miniature #Dollhouse Projects Progress

A little late, but an update on what I've gotten done this past month. Sometimes you feel like you're not getting anywhere so it's nice to see photos of what you actually have gotten done! (Click photos for full size.)

I know I already posted about the Half Scale Haunted House. I decided to add some plants on the balcony and some decorations in the front yard. Ghosts can water them, you know! ha! (Ignore that white shelf on the lawn. Poltergeists left it there!)

I also got some plants made - Made this half scale planter box kit, which were named Black Eyed Susans but I decided on painting them an orange color - from SDK Miniatures.  I'm making other flowers, so I'll show those next time. 

For fun, I changed the stained glass room. I had these things in a glass case but I think this looks better.

Also I finally put the front on the Raggedy Ann room box.

And... here is the latest progress from the Record Store exterior. I like how the colors came out. It look forever to decide on the combination! I also painted some bookcases and a wall trellis for display items. This is going to be VERY colorful! 

TIP: If you didn't know... use a feather to make your marbling lines in a contrasting color of acrylic paint. I've been finding a lot of crow feathers outside lately...  

For a change of pace, I decided to make the pillars dark purple with gray lines this time instead of black as I did on my other building. Think I'll use the purple on the other two buildings, too, which will be Halloween-related. (I can't resist!)