July 19, 2019

Update: HS haunted House + Easy Fence Tutorial

I finally got back to finishing some details on the Half Scale Haunted House. (See some exterior photos here, the gardens and the beginning and inside.) (Click photos for full size.)

The house is a Greenleaf kit I've had for ages and finally decided to work on as I knew it had to be a spooky house! 

I think putting on front window boxes and the fun purple moss definitely added a nice touch of color! I also added green moss to the roof (which helped cover some things) and thin dowels on the top peak edges, which don't show here. There's a puff of smoke coming out of the chimney, too! Next is adding in the LED lights and decorating inside - that's the fun part! But other than the hard time measuring wallpaper and roof pieces to fit since the house was pre-assembled, I did enjoy working on this house. I just wish the rooms were bigger

The roof porch has a piece of trim along the top edge but it looked too plain as it was. I knew it needed some kind of fencing, but what? Here's an easy, inexpensive way to add a fence to your project:

Easy Roof Trim Tutorial

This is an easy way to add decorative trim to a project. All you need are scissors, tacky glue, paint and your preferred varnish or Mod Podge. I used Ceramcoat satin water-based varnish. The fence is the 2.5" tall wrought iron fence from AlphaStamps. Do a search and you'll find lots of nice fencing and gates to use here.

The fence is chipboard, a kind of pressed cardboard which makes it easy to cut and paint. What's nice is it's also flexible and bendable, so it's easy to work with but it will be sturdy once glued in place.

 I chose this design as it has two sections. I thought it would look best for this project to use the part without the points, so I cut off the bottom design with scissors. You might need a little light sanding to smooth down the slight bumps on the top edge.

Measure size to fit space as needed. I tried to match it up so each end would mostly have a bar to make it sturdier. Paint both sides with black acrylic, then seal with a varnish or Mod Podge. 

Glue in place along front section if needed and at edges and bottom. That's it. Very easy!  I'm sure there are tons of other uses for this, too. Have fun!

(I know this doesn't show too well with the black against dark purple. I'll try to get outside shots once it gets a bit cooler.)