January 02, 2009

Dachshunds on Parade, Dogs having Fun

I couldn't resist dressing up Petey the Dachshund from Searching For A Starry Night, A Miniature Art Mystery, for New Year's. (Looks like he had more fun than I did. All I've done is cough for two weeks).

Dogs like to have fun. You can tell. Take a look at these Dachshunds at a parade in Florida and tell me they're not having fun!

Now imagine gathering more than 100 Dachshunds in one place. See Dachshund pic 2.

Of course, the real news in the past week was the dog thief!

No, not someone stealing dogs. If you didn't see this video on TV, then take a look. It's not every day that you see a German Shepherd come in to a store and help himself!

Maybe no one got him what he wanted for Christmas so he took matters into his own paws!

It makes you wonder, though... did he live nearby? He must've been in the store before as he knew just where to go. Was he coached? Did someone drop him off and pick him up outside? This might be the best (and funniest!) mystery of 2008!

** What do you think? How did the canine crook get away with it?


  1. Thanks for a steady supply of laughs and information.

    By the way, since you do so much for your readers I thought I would try and bring a smile to your face. Some say awards mean little, but when they come from the heart, hopefully they mean more. I recently accepted a Premio Dardos Award from Jane Kennedy Sutton (http://janekennedysutton.blogspot.com/). I would like to offer this award to you.

    You can find out more on my blog at http://karensyed.blogspot.com

    Happy new year.

  2. Thank you karen, that is sweet and makes me smile (between coughs yes still coughing~!) Going off to your blog!


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