December 18, 2019

#Christmas in #Miniature 2019-5: O Christmas Tree

12 Days of Christmas in Miniature

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The fun thing about Christmas is, of course, decorating the tree.

In miniature, you can make a variety of trees, from traditional, to fun and funky. In real life, there are some great trees, too, from variations on colors or special themes, to an actual colored tree. (Check out the variety in this gallery. I like the blue and pink trees, too.) Even more fun, check out these cool Halloween Christmas trees!

I tried to do something similar in miniature, though looking at the above links, I see I have to get more colorful! I do like that orange tree pictured above. I have a miniature two-tone color tree that I'll have to try to figure out a different decorating scheme for. 

But here's a couple smaller trees with different themes I did for half scale projects:

The tree in Santa's House.

These are neat!  5" tall beaded trees. I like the blue. (Note: listing is from Latvia on Etsy.)

Here's a cute idea too - the ladder and decorations box for decorating the tree on Etsy.