December 14, 2019

#Christmas in #Miniature 2019-1: Teapots

12 Days of Christmas in Miniature 2019

Well, why not?

I admit early on when the month started, I wasn't really not into Christmas.  And certainly not before Halloween as the stores seem to think. Too much pushing to spend, etc.

But as the month goes on, I start looking at Christmas minis and past projects, and I feel like I'm almost ready to start decorating.

So in keeping with the seasonal spirit, I thought I'd share some of my past and present Christmas projects. NOTE: I'm keeping most of these posts fairly simple, but be sure to come back on Days 11 and 12 for the annual Christmas Miniatures story!

** All links for this series can be found below and  on the Halloween in Miniature tab on top of this blog as well.

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Christmas clip-art:


** Don't forget to come back on Day 11 - Christmas Eve - for part 1 of the annual Christmas Miniatures story!! 

Christmas Cabinet:

The cabinet is filled with dozens of teapots and Christmas tea containers. Originally I might've been thinking of doing a Christmas shop, but I changed my mind. Now I put the cabinet, furniture and a tree inside the greenhouse case for a Christmas display each year. 

My friend Kitty from Holland made all the Christmas teapots. She has quite the talent for these!  Here's a couple photos of more of her Christmas teapots she made for me (aren't they cute?) and her Christmas scene.