May 22, 2010

New Miniature Finds for May Flowers

I made a few new plants from some artificial plants I had bought a while ago. I like the shape of the leaves, which I painted a darker green.

The great find were these neat beads at Hobby Lobby for half off. (sale ends today!) I love the designs for vases! The package says Metal Beads. Aren't they fantastic? Unfortunately, they only had the one package of the larger bead which is my favorite. I'm making some new plants to make an arrangement in it.

And since it is also PINK SATURDAY at Beverly's blog, How Sweet the Sound, I went and visited Kathy at Reimagined Treasures who makes the cutest little kids' outfits!

And this is my dog, Shania, who has this funny habit of chewing on her leg when she's lying in the chair. Well, not really chewing, but she seems to think her leg tastes good or something. I finally was able to catch her on camera before she moved. ha!

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  1. Happy Pink Saturday, Chris.

    I love your miniature flowers. They are amazing, and I am always amazed at the talent for creating such tiny, beautiful things.

    Your dog made me smile. We used to have a dog that chewed on her foot. Gently, of course, but she did like it.

    Thank you for introducing everyone to Kathy.

  2. LOL...Shania is too funny!!

    Looked through your blog last night and had a good laugh. Didn't you learn anything from me??? Didn't I teach you that when you feed a tomcat, he moves his whole family right in?! LOL......Don't worry, I still have a house full too!!



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