May 08, 2010

Miniatures for Mom: New Designer Tote Bags for Sale

New CV Designer "Croc" Tote Bags - original designs.

Includes some magazines, flowers, newspaper, journal to write in and a pencil. (Well you have to use your own pencil to write with. ha!) All handmade.

(Note: only journal front page opens and 1 mag is open; other books/mags are closed for display.)

Red Croc tote with red plaid interior, or black croc with leopard or purple print interior plus contents.

Other colors and cloth outside available. Contact me for colors. (Pictured bags on hand; others made to order.)

Also coming:

* Witch/wizard tote (with witch mags and witch or spells book (nonopening), journal and pencil;

* Gardening tote with green stripe exterior, garden book and mags, seed pack set plus journal and pencil.

* Wedding tote: white set with brides mags and book, sample flowers, journal and pencil.

$15 each plus $2 shipping; additional shipping overseas. Contact me chrisATcverstraeteDOTcom (or contact page on website) for paypal address or mailing address.

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  1. Wow! I love these--so well done and realistic! What mini career woman wouldn't want one of these, Chris?!



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