May 03, 2010

Book blog tour: Cindy Bradford, author of Promises Kept

Today I welcome Cindy Bradford, author of PROMISES KEPT, part of the Keeping Faith series.

About Promises Kept:

After finding the father she never knew and graduating from law school, Faith O'Brien's mission is to bring down the priest who abused her father as a child.

To do this, the neophyte attorney must take on a shrewd, veteran Boston lawyer who will go to any means to win a case. But he underestimates Faith's passion for justice and her fight to right a wrong.

Who is Faith?

To Bradford, Faith is part of the bigger picture. She is and was the glue that held her father. Patrick, Sue (her mother), and Alice (her aunt & surrogate mother) together over time and place.

"To me, she represents so many East Texas women who are strong, determined and even aggressive sometimes. So often, females from small, rural settings are seen as needy and weak. I wanted to change that image with Faith because many of the women I have known from that part of the world are anything but. They are perfect examples of 'steel magnolias.' Perhaps, that characteristic was innate in Faith; maybe it was strengthened by her adversities; the reader can decide."

What makes Faith special and memorable?

"To her, there is nothing more crucial, more important, more pressing than this cause... until she meets and falls madly in love with Tyler England. Soon, her fighting instincts are called on like never before. Only this time her intelligence, perseverance and resolve may not be enough."

What inspired her story?

"I’m a big newspaper and magazine reader, and portions of her story evolved from my spin on contemporary events. I have traveled to 40 countries and numerous places in the U.S. Several of those places are woven into the story."

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** BONUS - download an excerpt.


  1. Good Morning! Thanks for hosting me. I love your site.

  2. Christine--thanks for kicking off Cindy Bradford's virtual blog tour. Your readers might be interested to know that a Collie named Judge plays an important role in Promises Kept.


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