May 14, 2010

Another EBook Reader: Borders jumps in with Kobo

So Borders is jumping into the ebook fray with its new e-reader KOBO, coming in June. Good news is that it will only be $150 - kind of bad news is it has no Wi-fi. You hook up to the computer to download. No big deal but does that mean you can't hook up right in a Borders? What about B&N letting you read free ebooks right in the store?

The price, though, is sounding more realistic. Eventually these things should come down enough to more reasonable levels. Then you'll start seeing used models on eBay and more clones on the market. For someone who carries a book everywhere and is used to reading books on computer, I'm intrigued. Eventually this might get to the point where almost anyone can get one.

* Your thoughts?

* Kobo details on PC World.

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