September 17, 2008

Story Weds: Read something spooky-I dare you! & BBAW Interviews

At this time of year, my thoughts, at least, turn to things that go bump in the night, and I don't mean the dog bumping into something.

I love a good mystery and a good spooky story. Combine the two and it's a double whammy!

Here are some stories I found that you might enjoy reading. Be sure the lights are on!

* Author Gail Farrelly writes about a mafia princess who gets a new face... and a lot of trouble

* How about a spooky kid's story? The MysteryNet Chillers are still online.

* The Criminal Brief website has several spooky and other short mysteries by a variety of authors.

* Check out some free horror stories by these authors.

* This one sounds good, even if it's not online. R.T. Lawton's latest in his Holiday Burglars series of short stories, "Grave Trouble," features two bumbling burglars who intend to dig their way from a storm water drain system into the basement of a jewelry store, but end up in a casket room instead. Sorry, you'll have to wait to read this one in the Dec. issue of Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine.

*Your Turn: Share some of your favorite Halloween mysteries or other short stories.

** BBAW:
For more chills, you can read two new interviews with me at PopSyndicate and at Linus's Blanket. Don't say I didn't warn you. ha!

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  1. I guess you have to rush the Halloween season. We all know how short it is because Christmas stuff gets in the stores way too fast. And Thanksgiving, well, it doesn't have much of a chance.

    Morgan Mandel


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