September 13, 2008

New Blog Posting Schedule!

I had a big scare as Blogger's bots decided to label Candid Canine as sp-m and blocked me out! Luckily (and surprisingly) it only lasted a day.

Well, it gave me time to think. ha! I admit I enjoyed the daily blogging in August. It did get to be a grind thinking up new ideas, but now that I took some time away, I think I've come up with a do-able blog schedule. Contributors are welcome too!

New Blog Schedule
I'm developing a new posting plan. We'll see how it goes. Want to keep it simple so it doesn't get overwhelming. It's not set in stone, but I'll try my best to add variety and interesting topics.

Monday: Eye Candy
Unusual minis and fun stuff I've spotted.

Tuesday: Random Thoughts on Writing

Weds: Meet the Author.
Any authors who want to answer a few simple questions and be featured, please email me so I can compile a list. No erotica, nudes...romance, only pg rated books please. Mystery, sci-fi, horror, inspirational are ok. * Esp. want ya and kids.

Thurs: Always a Mystery
Themes - what looks good to read, books and short stories. Flash mystery fiction welcome. Feel free to email me a short story. Will link to your site.

Fri: Dog Day Afternoon.
Who can resist cute dogs? Email me your favorite dog pic and a few lines about your pet or a funny pic you saw.

Saturday : Open. Meme day.
These are fun so I'll try one a week.

Sunday: Round up of week.

* I'll still do a miniature of the month also.

I welcome your contributions, so please email me! You can reach me at my website also, click contact me.

So, let's have fun!
Chris V.

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