September 29, 2008

Eye Candy: Katie's Clay & Miniature Creations

Photo: Katie's clay Frankenstein cane

The fun thing about being online is finding new friends who share your interests and whom you can learn from. It's been fun "meeting" Katie of Katie's Clay Corner as I've found another miniatures lover - and someone who also enjoys Halloween!

Katie and I have talked about various things. She's a talented artist (check her past blog posts for links to her art), which results in her trying things that I wouldn't attempt, such as her latest Frankenstein cane. (See photo above.) It began with her making some bowls from leftover colored clay, and being the instigator that I am, :>) I suggested why not make some Halloween dishes? The results were an incredible haunted house cane that she made into miniature Halloween dinnerware. That was followed up by the even more amazing Frankenstein cane, which she made into cute bowls. Cool huh?

Katie and I have had fun trading, with her making a cute Halloween roombox she calls "Frankie's Place."

She just revamped it and added some more cool handmade clay items like the cauldron and pumpkins. We are doing another swap so it'll be fun to see what she adds next. I warned her that an extension might be in order. ha!

Be sure to come back for a look at more Halloween miniatures this month!

** Your Turn: Got any favorite Halloween sites you like or projects you've made? Feel free to share them!


  1. Love this cane. Also the mini scene is spooktacular!!!


  2. Ya! You're the worst, BEST influence I have!! LOL! I love all your great ideas! Keeps that hampster in my head arunnin'!! Thanks for all the things you have made for Franks! He's one lucky little dog;)!!

  3. Frankly, I'm in awe of both of you!

    Chris, I tagged you today on Straight From Hel -- 6 book-related things about you.


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