May 12, 2010

Almost 100 followers! Win a "Little" Something!

Since I'm nearing 100 followers, I guess I'll have a contest.

** Follow me and comment ON THIS POST about a book you're reading, share a line from your latest work in progress, or tell us about your latest mini. Make sure I have a way to contact you via blog, group or email.

* One winner will get a few mini books, journal, and a pencil.

* The 100th winner will receive a mini plant and book set. Yes all prizes are minis. Or if you prefer, I'll send you a (real) paperback mystery to read from my collection in good but used condition. * The 125th person will win a set of mini books and bookends.

NOTE: Message will show up later; I approve them manually.


  1. Heather your project sounds great. Love to see it!

    Btw, she posted on the minis entry below, others please post here. :>)

  2. I so wish I could read for pleasure but don't find the time. However, among my newest minis, I have ordered a set of the Belly Button Babies from Cynthia Howe's website and I have just fired the first batch! And before even successfully completing them, I have ordered the set of yawning babies! Now I am praying I poked the little holes in the arms and legs properly to join them to the bodies and I have refreshed myself on Terri Davis' acrylic painting tutorial on Webshots and gotten her advice via e-mail about how to seal them so I can avoid the very expensive and time-consuming process of china painting and firing in several layers and firings! Wish me luck! It is not as lengthy a process as making a real human baby and seeing all of that through to completion via labor but it is still quite a process and a worry! LOL! Let's hope I can do them well!

    Jody--congrats on your blogging milestone!

  3. I've just finished reading 'Monster in Miniature by Margaret Grace."There was one strange item that I didn't remember seeing when the room box was at our meetings--an extra workbench against one wall. It seemed to be made from found objects--a plastic holder of some kind, painted (not very well) brown, served as the top of the table and acork from a bottle of wine provided the base."

    I'm working on petitpoint in 56 count. It's a summer scene. I've already done the winter. I haven't decided whether I'll use it in my half scale house or in a half scale needlework shop. It's a change from making flowers, which I do from fimo. To take a rest in between, I've been making braided rugs in halfscale, as it's easier on the eyes!

    I've also been gardening (anyone with a yard, who hasn't!) I've discovered that the roots of wild geranium (which is like a weed here), can be put in glycerine and water to preserve it and it makes wonderful trees or shrubs.

    Jonesy, Victoria, BC

  4. Pues, en este momento, no estoy leyendo nigún libro.Tengo tres por empezar, pero bueno, no puedo forzar tanto la vista.
    Mis proyectos en mini son unos cuadros a escala 1/12. Me pusé el reto de hacer 10 ó 12, voy por el 8.
    Besitos Carmen


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