July 06, 2024

Halloween Mini Shopping!

 Ok, I know, I know, it's only three items - so far  (hey it adds up $$) - but I went to Michael's to check out the Halloween and LeMax stuff. (Click for full size image; see last post: Halloween house.)

* Update: I went back. haa!  I put X's by the extras I got. 😁

Well, the LeMax stuff is pricey this year; I just couldn't get myself to pay $10-$20 an item, even with a 20% discount. (But the Ashland stuff had a neat larger light up tree that I liked for $15.) Three new mini tombstones were $7 but...then I found the Ashland Miniatures and was much more impressed. Wow, what a cool selection! (See it online.)

So I got these three pieces which will work for half-scale. (The shelf is about 3.25" h; the seated skeleton is about 2.5" h; the busts are about 1 3/4" h.) I'll watch for the sales as they had some other cool items that would fit in a 1" scale library.(Photos from website.) Here's the ones I really liked: -  and I got that typewriter! (Plus the black candelebra with purple candles!

Gonna set up the roombox I usually decorate for Christmas. In a Halloween mood! Pix to come!

X Got the dog.

X got it.
X got it! 

I had to get this typewriter! This is how Is started writing. On an old Royal typewriter. No, that's not my hand. haa! 

There's a neat veiled statue bust, a candelabra and a skellie dog... a pile of skulls, 

X got it!

Just several neat-looking spooky things to choose from. I'll have to take another trip. Fun stuff!