June 12, 2024

Eat, Drink, Be Miniature Tiki Merry!


Been having fun figuring out the food and drinks for the half-scale Tiki Bar! (*See last post.** Click photos for better view/full size. Other post links in left column archives.)

Dug in my stuff and had forgotten I'd bought some tiny Tiki cups at the last show. (Blackthorn Miniatures.) I also had some 3D printed bowl glasses and hurricane glasses (KM Wohrstein). Lots to experiment with!

Here are the Tiki cups painted and unpainted so you can see the size. Love the faces!

I decided to experiment and used glass stain, or gloss Mod Podge mixed with acrylic paint to fill these. The straws are painted/cut florist wire. I didn't realize some of these glasses don't go all the way to the bottom inside. They're not-quite-finished as I'll have to paint the outside yet and do some touching up. Sand (for salt) will go on the edge of the blue drink - Margarita! I used cut pieces of Fimo fruit canes, too, for garnish.

They are just so darn cute! Fun stuff!

Also made some food plates with air-dry Crayola Model Magic clay to make sandwiches, fries, and "shrimp." The "lettuce" is torn pieces of floral tape. I seal the clay with matte Mod Podge and also gloss things like the tomato cane slices with Gloss Mod Podge. I'll set up a food buffet on that larger table. I have to find some silverware yet, too.

I did end up making a small table for in front of the couch. It's cut from a wooden fan with 1" scale moldings for supports. Thought it looked good with the food and a drink added. The mixed salad dish was made by my friend, Gigi.

I'll post more photos once I get everything set up and some other things made. This has been a fun little project!

Thanks again for visiting! Come back soon for more updates!!