June 05, 2023

Witch Half Scale Cottage First Floor Done


Witch's Cottage first floor

Finally! Making some progress on the Half Scale Witch's Cottage (the Jasmine Gothic Victorian Cottage. See last post. Click photos for full size; see other posts in left column archives.)

The floors, trim and windows are done on the first floor shown above. The lights lying there will make sense later... The nice thing is because of the thickness of the flooring I don't have to add any baseboards but will probably use some trim around the ceiling. We'll see.

I like how it has a somewhat rustic/old-world feel.... I also decided to use one of those octopus buttons I have to make another light on the right wall here. The floors are painted and cut wood placemats. The walls are scrapbook paper. The textured brick paper is from  Starboc2 on Etsy. I really like this darker, older-looking brick pattern.

A partial view of the shorter wall in the center. I'm building a part room divider from one of those wooden fans as I thought the space needed "something."

Here's the front porch with the door in. The porch rails will be glued next. Below: A close-up of the flooring paper. First time I used tile-paper on a porch but I liked how it matched the mustard and green colors, and really didn't want to do wood again.

I know it's only a few things, but it feels like I got a lot done. Painting all those tiny designs on that door was a challenge! 

I'm in a plant making mood next and want to add another shelving unit with lots of pots and botanical stuff. Will be putting the ceiling/2nd floor on and then have to figure how to open up the tower and portion of the front wall as it seems a waste to not use that tower space. I hate having unused rooms, especially since it has windows! Looks like a good stargazing room to me! Here's the kit photo from the website:

In the meantime, here's the latest real-life garden bloom  - the irises just opened. Such a pretty purple!

So, that's it for now! Thanks for visiting again. Be sure to come back soon for more updates!