March 14, 2022

Looking More #Haunted - #Miniature House Progress


Just a few photos this time. As I mentioned in the last post, I'm working on the roof, which to someone who is math challenged and has to cut angles on each side in the center - no fun! (Click photos for full size.)

So, working on that. A few changes - put some weeds on the front , in the windowboxes, and next to the chimney on the side roof. Finished that side and started seeing how some black paint looks. Will have to add more, but getting there... * NOTE: Further along on the roof. Oh, what a project! ha!

The fun part - printed out some more art to use as creepy portraits. These are as addictive as miniature books. Can't get enough! I definitely wanted to add the knife to one picture, ha! So back to the roof now. Working on the angles in the center. Ignore the screams in the background, ha!  Hopefully will have other progress photos soon.  

What do you think? Thanks again for visiting!