May 14, 2019

#Paris #Miniature Project 14: All About COLOR!


The planning continues for the Paris Miniature Project which is my friend Gigi Nephew's Serendipity Shed renovation for the HBS 2019 Creatin’ Contest. 
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I'm baaaaack!!

Finally, another update on my beloved Paris Project.  Finished up the class with the paper that was way too long for “just an assignment.” Today, I started a new class and what a breath of relief as there are lots of assignments, but they are bite-sized so to speak which means more mini time!

All the remaining walls, ceilings and floors have been covered with Kilz (primer). I am done wallpapering the second floor also.The third floor's three walls need to be sanded and a little work done to the walls to make it a flat roof  (plan B implemented for easier wallpapering) so once this is done I will provide before and after pics of the walls.

So, here are some progress pictures.  The outside stairs arrived from China (ordered them through, and I prepared them with Kilz. Yes, what you see is a toilet with the pull string (also from which will be incorporated into the second floor…still noodling that idea because of small space. As you can see, the picture shows two of the walls from the shop with some completed items.  (Love it!! It all fits and looks great!--Chris)

The storage cabinet (lower half is a kit from and the glass shelving on top came like that. he idea is to have these urns with beautiful flowers on each side and the cabinets filled with lots of goodies to buy. In front is a French side table and on top is a small suitcase and a box with pictures (all three items were kits from  So, pretty sweet, four kits I bought last month at the miniature shows are already put together.

Another reason for showing you the walls of the shop is that I am asking you for input on what color to use on the outside. The three stories will have “stucco” (plaster) which I want to paint a white-wash color (faintly, not heavy) to provide some interest. In looking online at Paris shops, the shops are in all colors, while the floors above are one more color. Here is a close-up picture of the green I am thinking of using as an accent color on the outside of the store for the trim. (Looks nice. I like the green!--Chris)

Now it is your turn.  What color or colors do you suggest?  See above for the available colors.  Remember, it will be a diluted application for the second and third story (which will have white window trim and a black iron balcony). The first story can be different than the second and third story. Please submit your suggestions in the comments box. Thank you in advance!!!! Happy Creating!!--Gigi

(My two cents; I like the sage or Cape Cod Blue. The Arroyo Red could look nice, too. The white is well, white, and doesn't show well here. ha!--Chris)
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