December 17, 2015

Mini Half Scale Garage in Progress

You know how sometimes it feels like a project takes forevvvvvver?

Well, months anyway.

Photo: The beginning - the shell and the stone foundation done.

That's how it's been working on my Half Scale Garage. Awhile back I saw a Yard/Garage Sale Scene by fellow miniaturist Tanya Thayer (check out her great ideas on her Picture Trail, Tanya's Place - the garage sale is in the first album, Mini Creations) that gave me an idea -- I should make one in half scale.

So, I found a super-cheap cottage kit on eBay. Plain, bare bones. Got the doors cut in front, did some doctoring since I realized the doors had to be smaller so I had to replace part of the wood (don't you love that?) and found a pic of old-fashioned garage doors as my inspiration.
(Click pix for full-size images.)

Months later, I can finally see light at the tunnel's end. The inside walls are lined with wood strips. A part-loft is made and ready to go in. 

The worst part? Well, applying the wood siding. I hate the "work" of minis. I like the planning, the designing, the decorating... not all the doing. But I really like how this is coming out so the "pain" is worth. The front is done, two sides to go and a roof. Yay!

Moving along... I'll share as I get further and once I get to the fun Yard Sale!