December 28, 2015

2015 Miniatures Year in Review 1

I've never done this but I thought - why not share a Miniatures Year in Review? What a great idea to see what I've finished this year. Since this is long, I'm splitting it into two parts. Come back tomorrow for part two.

I only did a few larger projects which makes it easier to keep track of. I did complete various small items. Actually when you see them in one post, I did finish quite a bit. I'm sure I have other smaller projects I didn't take pictures of and include. (Click any of the photos for the larger size gallery.)

Early in the year:

* Mini Candles

Finished the Half Scale Country House and potting shed. (Shed on the right is the bathroom, pantry, laundry room.) (See all the pix in the YouTube video - See earlier post with the living room pix and links to other photos)


Hanger dresses and shoes

Looove making these!!

* A half scale garage is not quite done. Siding is being added now. I want to make a garage sale scene.

** Plus: I have an A-frame cottage waiting to be built and a three-story "manor" house, both in half scale!  Details coming! (And many other UFO's (unfinished projects) of course! 

* See Part  2 with more pix of October to December projects tomorrow.