October 26, 2012

2012 Halloween in Miniature Day 2 - Let's Party!

Thanks for stopping by for the 2012 Halloween in Miniature party. Got a ticket? If not, sorry, you have to go back to Day 1 and check in.

Welcome to the party! Cook has been slaving over a hot stove all day to bring you...

Uh-oh. What's that scream? One second, I better check the kitchen.

Oh, dear. Cook's having, er, a bit of a problem, it seems. One of the pet rats has escaped! (Doll by Julie Campbell Doll Artist.)

Sorry, about that. Now, as I was saying Cook has plenty to eat, so grab a snack and let's mingle!

The Menu

Cook has outdone herself, and I hear, has brought in some special "celebrity" chefs to make this year's party even better. So be sure to bring your appetite!!!

We have plenty of sweets and goodies, but I'd suggest starting with something a bit more, um, substantial. Kiva Atkinson made a divine Eyeball Stew - fresh. Heh-heh.  Don't forget the bread, too, though that bread man doesn't look like he can be trusted? (Bread man - "Dibbler," Julie Campbell Doll Artist)

Wow! Chef Kathy Obrenski (Wee Little West) has outdone herself with her sweets table. Mmm, cupcakes and pumpkins and cider, oh my!

Or how about a slice of Kathy's Halloween pumpkin pie and cake?

Oh, shhh! It's time to get the kids to bed before we continue. They so want to stay up but, well, it is getting late. (Woopitydooart)

Now don't fill up as there is much more food to sample!

About the artisans:

** UK doll artist Julie Campbell has been making miniatures for 13 years and doll making for 10 of those. Her original, one-inch (1/12th) scale dolls are hand-sculpted from polymer clay without molds.

What keeps her inspired? She says, "I have had a head full of fairy tales all of my life and so am never short of inspiration!"

* Patty Benedict (Woopitydooart)admittedly is one of my favorite artists. Her works never fail to amaze. See more pix and more about her at a previous post.

** Not only is Kathy Obrenski's miniature food inspiring, but she herself is an inspiration to those facing adversity, health issues and other problems. In 2007, Kathy suffered a debilitating stroke which robbed her of most her functional and artistic skills. It took her ability to read, write, comprehend or communicate.

Miniatures, her husband Tim shares, became her occupational therapy. "She spent endless weeks re-learning how to make miniatures," he wrote. "It was like occupational therapy. She taught herself from scratch how to make miniatures all over again. To do that, she would make the same item dozens of times until it was perfect (that was a lot of clay in the garbage!) Then she would start making another item, making dozens over and over."

He continues to handle her communications by computer, but to the delight of her fans, her miniatures are again all her own!

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(- Christine Verstraete - http://candidcanine.blogspot.com)