October 27, 2012

2012 Halloween in Miniature Day 3 - Meet the Guests

Welcome to Day 3 of the 2012 Halloween in Miniature party! If you missed the check-in, go to Day 1.

First off, we wanted to offer our overnight guests (and the perpetually hungry like those zombies!), a good breakfast. Cook whipped up a tasty selection of Kiva Atkinson's bacon and pancakes. (Awww, look how they're grinning back! Grrr!). Oh, and would you like some bread and butter? Toasted or not?

Now if you've had your fill, shall we go into the parlor and meet some of the guests? My, don't you just LOVE what Linda Wooten (Wooten's Miniatures) has done with the place? Such a delightfully spooky decor! Perfect!

Shh! Don't disturb Uncle Ed sitting in the corner. He's been waiting sooooo long for the party to start, that well, he just pined away! haaaa! Okay, okay, shall we move on?

Have you met our hostess? Do say hello to....

Oh, dear, I'm so sorry. Mrs. de la Morte (Linda Wooten) has been so heartbroken ever since her beloved was lost at sea. We had so hoped she would have come to her senses, but she continues to look for him and refuses to change out of her wedding gown. Such a sad story....

Maybe we shouldn't disturb her. Why, there's Margarete Medusa (Julie Campbell). No, wait, don't! Ooops! I forgot to mention that if you saw her, whatever you do, do NOT look directly at her face. Sorry, we cannot be responsible for what happens after that....

All right, let's move on. Say hello to Uncle Ulysses.

Lovely old man (Woopitydooart). He's been hanging around the house for centuries and certainly has tons of tales to share. Loves to talk, that guy, but let me warn you, his jokes are a little, shall we say, er, stale?

He chuckles and asks, did you hear these?

What did one casket say to the other casket?
"Is that you coffin?"

Who did Dracula bring to the prom?
His ghoul friend. (Jokes, Squigly's Playhouse)

All right, ready for another snack or a drink?

Kathy Obrenski (Wee Little West) was kind enough to give cook her recipe for Halloween bone treats with some stew. Mmm, nice and crunchy. Tasty, too.

Having fun?

The Artisans:

* Pancakes, breads, Kiva's Miniatures
* Parlor, ghostly bride, Linda Wooten, Wooten's Miniatures
* Medusa, Julie Campbell Doll Artist
* Ghostly man, Patty Benedict, Woopitydooart
*  Bones and stew, Kathy Obrenski, Wee Little West


A killer Thanksgiving mystery anthology to die for from Untreed Reads, with stories by: Arthur C. Carey, John Weagly, Earl Staggs, Amanda Lundberg, Betsy Bitner, S. Furlong-Bolliger, Steve Shrott, Andrew MacRae, Zoe Burke, Arlen Blumhagen, Lesley A. Diehl, Gail Farrelly, Herschel Cozine, Linda S. Reilly, Stephen D. Rogers, Barb Goffman and Laura Hartman. (It's not really spooky - unless you're haunted by holidays past.... here's the solution!)

** Don't forget the contest on Day 1. (ends 12/31)  -- Back to Day 2 -- Next: Day 4

(-- Christine Verstraete - http://candidcanine.blogspot.com)

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