October 28, 2012

2012 Halloween in Miniature Day 4 - A field trip....

Welcome to DAY 4 of the fantastic 2012 Halloween in Miniature Party. Got your ticket? No? Well, be sure to check in at Day 1.

Today seemed like a good day to show the guests around some of our facility. The party is located on sprawling acreage with everything we need right at hand since, well, some things do require a bit of privacy. Don't want our secrets getting into the wrong hands now...

Since everyone is busy, I've asked the lovely Sephora (by Dana of Miniature Art - check out her busy MiniDoll List) to escort the group. She said she'd be glad to, and maybe she'll even share some of her spellcasting advice. But don't worry, she's a good witch.

She said a must-see place is the amazing 3 Moons Potion Shop where you can get just about anything, from those funny red mushrooms (careful cooking those!), to wonderful bottles of every kind of potion made by proprietress Victoria (of DarkSquirrel Miniatures. -- Did you see the amazing Zombie Away bottle she's giving away as a prize? Be sure to enter on Day 1 (link at top.)

My, what a selection! You can surely spend a bit of time browsing the shelves and bins here!

Oh, and look at the spells and manuscripts. I bet Harry Potter would love this place!

Some of the guests brought their shopping list, I see. 

Oh, look it's the It family. And they have the Baby with! Isn't he/she (well, it is hard to tell...) adorable?

(The Its are by Kat Hazelton (Kat the Hat Lady). I think we'll visit her hat shop next. She has some lovely new additions to her millinery line, I hear.

Oops, what's that growl? No, the guard dog is at the house yet. Must be someone's stomach. Better serve some snacks before we go.

Mmmm, smell that? Peppers, anchovies, mushrooms, oh my! Cook brought over some just-made eyeball pizzas. Yum, nice and crunchy and hot!  (Pizzas by Kiva Atkinson, Kiva's Miniatures.)

All right, we better get back to the house. Drinks and dessert are being served in the parlor. (Don't you just love what Linda's done with the place? The decor is fantastic and I hear all the portraits come to life at night.. (One of the guests reported seeing an eerie glow and ran back to their room last night! Room and portraits, Linda Wooten, Wooten's Miniatures.)

Okay, everyone rest up for our tour tomorrow. See you then!

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   ** Today's Spooky Read:  PAVLOV'S DOGS - DL Snell, Thom Brannan

Werewolves-- Zombies -- Armageddon...

Dr. Crispin has engineered the saviors of mankind: Pavlov’s Dogs, a team of soldiers capable of transforming into fearsome beasts. But when Crispin and his team welcome a new talented neurotechnician to the island, Dr. Crispin quickly realizes his masterwork has fallen into the hands of a man he does not trust. Should they send the Dogs out into the zombie apocalypse to rescue survivors? Or should they listen to the new neurotechnician, who would have them hoard their resources and post the Dogs as island guards?

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