May 22, 2016

Latest Flea Market Miniature Finds

The flea market is once again open and in two weeks I've had some great finds.

Last week found this dollhouse kit - $5.

This week - found a nearly done roombox with the furniture. $7. Am going to take that rope off and put wood up for the chair rails. But nice floor and outside finish. The front plexiglass slips into the slot from the top.  Happy happy!

New Mystery Story with Miniatures! Happy Homicides 3 is Out!

Yes, all kinds of new stuff. Isn't that fun?????


Happy Homicides 3: Summertime Crime includes stories from 12 authors - includes my story, "Surf's Up," in which my part-zombie girl, Becca (from my book, GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie) helps solve a murder mystery coinciding with a miniatures competition. Yes, it has miniatures, too! 

 You may recognize the miniature entry in the contest!  (Right now, it's on sale -only 99 cents!! - see link.  - And see the contest below. Hurry before it ends!)

zombie girl short mystery

Be sure to come to the launch party, Sunday, May 22, 1-4 p.m. EST in the Facebook group, You might win a bag of beach goodies!

Be sure to check out the fantastic giveaway! Enter to win $150 worth of great beach gear!!

Win  a Beach Bag Full of Swag from your friends at Happy Homicides!

Everything you need to have a great day at the beach (even if it's just pretend). A thick, plush towel. Yummy cookies and hibiscus tea. A stunning water bottle. Margarita foot cream. Sunblock. Relaxation oils. And of course, the fabulous beach bag. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

May 13, 2016

New #Dollhouse #Miniatures Book Coming Soon!

I finally can reveal what's coming soon!!

I've been working on this project with writing and minis pal Joanna Campbell Slan (remember I shared news about her Big Wave Dave's Surf Shop?)

Well we joined ranks and hope to have this out soon once we review the proof. An assortment of 62 projects... 

Isn't the cover just simply fabulous????? Stay tuned for more details!

April 28, 2016

#AtoZ 2016 - EXceptional Yellow Miniatures!

Today is the Letter Y - for the 7th annual A to Z Blog Challenge in April! 

Check out the 1000+ blogs on the list!  If you like books, etc., I'm also doing the same on my GirlZombieAuthors blog.

Today is X and Y for EXceptional Yellow Miniatures

Lemon Meringue Pie - Linda Cummings

This is my favorite color and once I saw the latest gorgeous work by fantastic miniaturist Linda Cummings of Lins's Minis, I knew what I had to feature today!

Linda's minature work (1" scale, 1" equals 1 foot)  is so precise and realistic, I'll bet your mouth will be watering! Also check out her Facebook page. See more of her work and a previous post I wrote about her here.  

Check her Etsy shop ( or see her website,  You can see more of her work on her Pinterest page.

Banana Bread  - Linda Cummings

Pansies and Primroses - Linda Cummings

April 27, 2016

#AtoZ 2016 - W is for #Miniature White House

Welcome to the 7th annual A to Z Blog Challenge in April!  
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Today is W for Miniature White House

If you're never seen The White House in Miniature, you've missed something. I've heard it may not be touring again, but it is housed at the Presidents Hall of Fame, Clermont, FL.

I'm so glad I got to see it when it was in Chicago some years back. It even had a miniature Bo the First Dog (made by Alice Zinn.)

There are a series of great photos here at the Ford Presidential Library site.

Check out one of the mini video tours:

April 24, 2016

#AtoZ 2016 - Upper Floor View of Tudor #Dollhouse

Welcome to the 7th annual A to Z Blog Challenge in April!  
Come back daily for more exciting posts and even some giveaways!
Check out the 1000+ blogs on the list! 

Today, I combined the letters U and V for the Upstairs View of the Tudor Dollhouse.

* See first floor - the bakery

The tour continues. The bakery shop owner lives above the bakery in a simple space, perfect for a bachelor. He doesn't even mind the pink walls so much anymore (thanks to a former girlfriend's decorating touches.) (Click for larger images.)

The living quarters:  The walls are covered with textured paper. The ceiling is textured with paint mixed with sand before the wood beam strips were added.

The bed is also made from the Creatology punch-out furniture kit (1/24 scale) from Michael's.  The small table by the couch is also a magnet from China (eBay purchase) from my friend, Gigi.

TIP: Make the pieces look more finished by cutting off any protruding tabs. Fill holes and spaces with wood filler and sand. I painted it with a watered-down Brown Umber acrylic paint.  

The bed is covered in three layers like a real bed. Glue a thin piece of foam onto cardboard cut to fit the bed. Cover that with one fabric pattern, folding fabric over and gluing to underside of cardboard for a mattress. Cut and fit a second fabric to top of bed and overhanging sides for a bedspread. Glue under small hems for a neat finish. Cut a fake sheet by gluing a piece of fabric to underside of top bedspread, then turn over and glue to top of bedspread. 

I made the couch using the pattern in D. Anne Ruff 's older 1/24 scale furniture pattern kit.  The small club chair is one of those packaged erasers found at Michael's. Measure your fabric and glue to cover the back and seat of chair. Add smaller size pony beads on bottom for feet.

Right side:  Simple bookcase, kit from SDK Miniatures. The vintage TV is a magnet from China (from eBay.) The guitar was one of the swap gifts from the annual Half Scale Yahoo group swap. (You can get a similar kit at my other favorite kit shop, Mini-Etchers.)

 I added a beam across the top and used a metal mesh bead as a lamp shade for the ceiling light.  I had to be a little creative since I hadn't planned the lighting. The sides are covered in a plain pink paper so I could peel it up to reattach the side light and then cover it again. 

The window valance is made by pleating a piece of fabric, folding and gluing it so one end is pleated over the next. It's glued to a wood strip with small pony beads at the ends.

The picture frames are painted chipboard pieces. The wall clock is a small charm.

I wanted the room to have a simple, but homey feel. Nothing too fancy, just something clean and neat that the bakery owner would feel comfortable in.  It's a simple house, but still fun to decorate.

The table was made by gluing a small round piece of wood to a  dowel rod and painted. That was glued to a small flat clay piece for a base. The chairs are vintage plastic dollhouse pieces.  
I hope you enjoyed the tour! 

April 23, 2016

#AtoZ 2016 - Tudor Half Scale Miniature #DollHouse Bakery

Welcome to the 7th annual A to Z Blog Challenge in April!  
Come back daily for more exciting posts and even some giveaways!
Check out the 1000+ blogs on the list! 

Today is the letter T for Tudor House Bakery
(See the Upper Floor tomorrow)  

I started this house a while back and then put it aside. Originally, it was going to be a greenhouse, but I decided to make it into a bakery and upstairs living space instead.

I bought the house a loooong time ago at a show. So, some projects do sit around a while until inspiration hits.

The outside is covered with lightweight stucco (or wall compound, Spackle) with some plastic brick spots showing through. (I share how to do that in my book, In Miniature Style II or get the Kindle version of the first, shorter ebook, In Miniature Style.)

Well it's winter yet, I guess, since I didn't put flowers in the window box! See the door how-to at the bottom of this post. (Click images for full size.)

Floor 1: Bakery

The bakery case is made from a bookshelf with acrylic plastic glued in front and a larger wood piece glued on top for the counter. Cover front edges, top and bottom of the plastic  with wood strips (coffee stirrers.) The stove is a magnet. 

My friend Kitty Balke made most of the cakes and desserts. A few cakes are from the annual Half Scale Yahoo group swap. I made the brown and yellow cake on the back shelf from wood furniture plugs. Paint and cover with colored sand. I use dimensional or "puff" paint on top for icing. Add small fruit slice. Glue to a small button for a plate. Most of the square and round plates, including the plate for the mixed pastries on the counter, are buttons.

Left side: The cabinet (below left) is a kit from Petite Properties (UK). I made the table from a round piece of mat board cut out and sanded. The base is a chess pawn, cut, sanded and glued to painted table top. The chair is made from the punch-out Creatology 1/24 scale, punch-out furniture kits from Michael's. 

Right side:  Counter with cupcake art on right wall is made from a box shape and piece of wood for the top. The table is also hand made. The round center table was a purchased resin piece; I added the wood on top. The chair is also from the punch-out furniture kit, with an added seat cushion. 

The rug is a paper print-out coated with Mod Podge, with fringe added to the ends. I like to do it this way to give the rug a floor-cloth look.

Fringe a Rug: Everyone has their own method. An easy way to do it by measuring a piece of cross-stitch fabric to the width of the rug. Cut it to about four-to six rows deep, enough to give you a few rows to glue on the back of the rug and to have several rows sticking out on the end. 

Glue to back of rug with Tacky glue. Pull the strings to desired length for fringe. You can trim the fringe down if you think it sticks out too far. For an extra "glam" look, lightly coat the fringe ends with a metallic gold paint. 

* Come back  tomorrow to see the second floor.

Make a Hinged Door: (See top front photo.)

The door is handmade.  Before you make the hinges, measure the height for the doorknob. I used flat silver beads and attached one to each side of the door with Quick Grip and a cut-off straight pin. See directions below for cutting the pins. You don't want to try fitting the door knob in after the door is hung. (Yes, done that too! ha!)

HOW TO:  1. Scribe lines into a piece of wood cut to size for the door. It fits into the open space and above a piece of wood set into the floor for the jamb. Cut wood strips for top and bottom, and glue to face of door to provide something for the hinge pins to grab onto.

2.  I cut hinges out of the tin from the top of a peanuts can with scissors. NOTE: Measure hinge to fit across door on side and attach to wall under the doorway frame. 

3. Cut hinge into an arrow shape. Drill small holes into the wood strips with a small hand drill. Line up hinge and push hole into the tin. Coat back of hinge with Quik Grip to door and to edge of doorway so it fits under the frame. 

4. Cut off small pieces of straight pin with wire cutters. TIP: Hold the pin with a pair of needlenose pliers while cutting unless you want to be hunting for the pieces all over. (Don't ask how I know this. ha!)

5. Gripping pin with pliers, dab end into Quik Grip then push it into the hole in the hinge. Push down on top of pin with a hammer or flat side of the pliers until it's all the way in place.  do the same to the end of the hinge to hold it in place.  

6. Measure your side door frame piece. Press the wood piece onto the wall and over the hinge so you get an indent on the back side from the pin. Gouge out this space slightly so the frame fits flush to the wall, then glue in place. Once measured, your door frame will be glued over the hinge. The door can be opened - carefully - but excess stress may pull the pins out.

April 22, 2016

#AtoZ 2016 - S for Show #Miniatures

Welcome to the 7th annual A to Z Blog Challenge in April!  
Come back daily for more exciting posts and even some giveaways!
Check out the 1000+ blogs on the list! 

Today is S for Dollhouse Show Miniatures

Some of the stuff I found at the Spring Chicago-area dollhouse shows this past weekend.

I will also try to share photos of some of the interesting exhibits and items I saw.

This year there were again 3 shows to go to:

The Bishop International Show

3 Blind Mice

New - The Miniature Show

April 20, 2016

#AtoZ 2016 - Q-R is for Quite Cool Miniatures Road Trips

Today is the Letters  Q and R  for the 7th annual A to Z Blog Challenge in April! 

Check out the 1000+ blogs on the list!  If you like books, etc., I'm also doing the same on my GirlZombieAuthors blog. I may even share a spooky mini or two there!

If you're new to the hobby, or have never seen the following places and exhibits, be sure to put them on your next travel schedules! There are some Quite cool places to see on the Road!

Miniatures Museum of  St. Louis - they have a virtual museum tour, too on their website!

Open since 1993, the museum contains a collection of over 600 houses, roomboxes and more.

Cool! Take a virtual tour on Google Maps. 

April 19, 2016

#A to Z 2016 - P for Personal Favorite Miniatures

Welcome to the 7th annual A to Z Blog Challenge in April!  
Come back daily for more exciting posts and even some giveaways!
Check out the 1000+ blogs on the list! 


Today is P for Personal Favorite Miniatures

Got these kits coming from Michelle's Minatures (she didn't have them on hand at the 3 Blind Mice Show so she's shipping them.) I fell in love! 

She has such unique kits! 

This half scale  fortune teller booth is so cool!

This forest bed is really unusual.  (Getting the half scale)

Also got the cute cigar box purse kit.

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