November 13, 2017

Wee C Mini Show Dollhouse Displays 2017-2

More of the displays from the Wee C Miniatures Show. I love the Halloween stalls! (see part 1)

November 12, 2017

Wee C Dollhouse Show Miniatures 2017

Went to the Wee C Dollhouse show over the weekend. Great fun! The show always has a great display room. Here are some of the rooms and projects that caught my eye.
Click for larger image. More rooms and scenes tomorrow - part 2!

A few of the 'fancier' rooms on display.

Dollhouse for a dollhouse room!

Wine box room

September 26, 2017

#Halloween: Addams Family #Dollhouse

This is a cool project! Myself, I prefer tours without all the explanations so I listen without sound, but she does explain how she's planning the house. Here's the YouTube link to one of the tours.

September 19, 2017

Minis in New Movie Downsizing

This looks very cool! Imagine being able to live in - and afford that mansion! There has to be a catch, of course... But some cool minis and camera tricks here.

September 15, 2017

Wonderful Dolls By Anna, New Website Name

Anna Hardman, now going by the name Anna Maryina,  creates amazing miniature dolls. I've showcased her work here on the blog several times.

She's re-branding and renamed her website Anna Maryina Dolls - Please be sure to check it out to increase her web traffic again. You won't be disappointed!

August 06, 2017

The Best Time of Year! Halloween Minis!

Oh it's that time of year! Time to see what new stuff is around.

Amazingly Hobby Lobby and Michael's all have Halloween, Fall and Christmas stuff out already. Get them all at once. haa!

I love mini Halloween stuff, though. Michaels had their Spooky Town stuff out with a few new figures.

But the mini section caught my eye. Lots of fun stuff to choose from so I'll be making many trips!!

Here's just a few I got today. Love the skellie animals!!

Dollar Tree also had some new LED lights - these look like fiber optics in a thin plastic tube. Pretty cool. I can see these around a house or for trim. Use two AA batteries. There is also a purple strand. And at only $1, who's complaining?

July 07, 2017

New Miniatures AIM Magazine

The new July '17 (Issue 63) of the Artisans in Miniature (AIM) Magazine is out!
Download or read here. You may have to sign into Scribd to read or download.

I've got a show report and the small scales story in the issue. Happy Reading!

July 03, 2017

Mini Lp's! Record Store Project!

Finally got a "little" something done for the Record Store Project! (See previous pics.)

Yes, little. Making record albums - LP covers. This is only a  "small" start considering how many I'll need. ha! But they're pretty cool, huh?

Oh, only 100 or so to go. haaaaaa! Who's counting? (Well, not yet.)

June 14, 2017

Decorated Miniature Glass House in Shabby Chic

Here's the finished glass house, for now. I really love the shape of this structure! Nice way to display some items that'll eventually go into a full roombox or house. (Previous photos)

The back wall is just a piece of mat board covered with scrapbook paper. Loved this print! The floor is the tweed side of a piece of picture frame mat board. I probably should add a pretty throw rug, too.

Every place needs a dog, even in mini!

The interesting chair and sofa were actually sold as Christmas ornaments! 
(Resin from Hobby Lobby.)

My friend, Kitty, made the great drink and cake.

June 11, 2017

The Latest Miniature Finds! Shabby Chic!

Summer is flea market time here in Wisconsin! I'm lucky to come across some great finds, meaning neat things  - and  cheap! 

One of the finds was this bunch of flower punches. Oh, happy me - they were only $5! 

Of course, it also means another project is in the works. Kind of. I've been planning a Ladies' Shoppe for a looong time, so I've been making things and putting them away. Well, this great glass case I found last week lets me display things until the projects are ready! Always a shame to have stuff stored in boxes unseen, isn't it? Of course, who knows, I may like it enough to keep it this way in the end!

 Pretty cool case, it's 8 1/2" square at the base. I found that a picture frame mat I had has a nice tweed side I'm going to use, for now, as flooring. I'm adding a false wall in the back with that shabby rose print. I like to have a wall for art and shelves. (See finished, decorated case here.)

Here are some items I made before, too. The pretty couch is resin and actually was sold as a Christmas ornament at Hobby Lobby. I have several pieces I was lucky to find since they don't seem to offer them anymore.  I repainted and added French labels to the small chest. I love the shabby chic style! The tall corner case was one of those cheap punch-out furniture kits, and I repainted the smaller bookcase. I have another larger bookcase filled with perfumes, too. I'll share more photos as I progress. 

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