October 25, 2012

Welcome to the 2012 Halloween in Miniature!

It's that Time of Year! Yes, it's the start to the 2012 Halloween in Miniature. Spooks, ghouls, witches, oh my! All in delightful dollhouse miniature size, of course. (Unless noted, all miniatures are in 1-inch, 1/12th scale, 1" equals 1 foot.)

While the tour is a little bit shorter this year since the author has quite a few writing projects to keep her busy this time around, the quality is still top-notch.

So strap on your witchy shoes, get your broom or other transportation and come along for a fun Halloween Celebration!

And we have some fun bonuses this year!!! 1. Each day will include a spooky read for your Halloween reading list. 2. This year we also have several prizes! Simply follow the entry rules at the end of this post to participate. Have fun!

Let's go in, shall we? It looks like they've really done a great job of decorating this year! (Haunted house by Linda Wooten, Wooten Miniatures.)

Oh, honestly! Now Matilda, we've told you again and again, no butting in front of the line - and please use the door the right way!

So, let's go in.... Please everyone - stop fighting in the back. No pushing! Got your tickets?  Okay then, first stop, let's have some refreshments.

Yeah, yeah, we still have the house wine.

No, it's not stale. It's been brewed to last for a gazillion years, and still have quite the kick. heh-heh.

Well, since it's really not wise to drink on an empty stomach, the delightful and talented Kiva Atkinson has provided some delectables to nibble on. How about some Chocolate cookies.... What? No, don't worry about them looking at you.

Here's looking at you, kid!

Okay-okay, how about some cupcakes instead? The food here sometimes is a bit "different" but it's still to-die-for! Get it? haa! (Sorry, but my blog, so you have to put up with my bad puns. :>)

The Artisans: 

* Kiva Atkinson, one of my fave food artists, has been making miniatures for approximately seven to eight years. No surprise what her favorite is, she says: "That's a tough one. Fish is definitely up there, but funny you should ask, because Halloween is when the juices really get flowing. The imagination goes into overdrive! I'm always inspired by the many cooking shows I watch, and just being out and about and observing (and eating!)."

* Patty Benedict, WoopityDooArt, another of my favorite mini artists, is known for her fantastic ghost figures and her fun, creepy mini brooms. You'll see more of her work in the coming days.

* Linda Wooten (Wooten Miniatures) has been creating minis since 2006 but says it's been a life-long love.  "I've loved miniatures my whole life since I was a little girl and my dad made me my first dollhouse out of scrap wood laying around the garage."

Halloween is a favorite and Linda says she "really gets into the spirit every year." (Groan!) The haunted house came about when she and her twin boys were watching Disney's Haunted House and they wanted her to make one. Halloween was four weeks ago so she made a smaller house than she would've liked but everyone was happy with the results - with one exception. "The only thing that really freaked them out was the ghoul coming out of the door," she says. "Since I had the dollhouse sitting on the dining room table, they made me cover up the ghoul while they were eating. And believe it or not, the ghoul was their idea!"

(Photos: clock, Patty Benedict, WoopityDooArt; wine, C. Verstraete; - all items and photos (c) 2012 by their creators)

** Today's Spooky Read:  On each day, visitors can pick up a few new books to read, which I'm linking at the end of each post... So I am pleased to share that they are clamoring, biting, clawing and slobbering all over to get the upcoming GIRL Z: MY LIFE AS A TEENAGE ZOMBIE by C.A. Verstraete. It's a YA zombie tale with a little romance, humor, a bit of zombie gore and a few twists. Coming in 2013! Click link for details! Watch the website and Facebook for updates and the cover!

** Come back each day for the rest of the party! Now on to Day 2... **

(Christine Verstraete - http://candidcanine.blogspot.com)


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